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The world is now in festive mood. World Cup football is going on in Russia. People are either on the ground or in front of their TV sets, monitors or watching the games in mobile handsets. No, not that everybody is fond of football but most of the peoples are football fans. That is why world cup football is considered as the greatest show on earth. So a large number of people are now extremely busy with the game itself. Yet the July issue of Our Poetry Archive is to be published rightly on time. We consider ourselves fortunate enough, that amidst this festive mood all around the globe, poets are still very keen to publish their creative brilliances in the web journals like OPA. Yes, yet again we are publishing poems of forty seven poets from all over the world in this July edition of Our Poetry Archive. This month we are pleased to introduce a number of new poets to our regular readers. We are also overjoyed to introduce poetess Luz Maria Lopez of Puerto Rico as the “Poet of the Month”. Readers will find her beautiful poems along with an exclusive interview of the poet covering her own poetical world and in-depth discussions on the present world literature with our distinguished interview panel. Poet Aprilia Zank of Deutschland, Alicja Kuberska of Poland, Deborah Brooks Langford of US, Leyla Isik of Turkey and Maria Miraglia of Italy have participated in this lively discussion with our Poet of the Month Luz Maria Lopez. OPA remain obliged to each of them. We hope our readers will also find this interview really worthwhile to spend their time with, along with the collections of poems of other distinguished poets from different parts of the world.

In spite of our constant effort to provide our readers with quality materials, it is really a difficult task to maintain the high standard of literary brilliance with every publication. Yet our effort will remain relentless in all the upcoming issues to maintain the literary quality. We therefore request our regular contributors to send us only their best creative excellences so that in the mind of our readers their poems will reign supreme. It’ll also make their poetry more famous worldwide.

Actually poetry brings different souls closer to each other. They touch the inner cords of the hearts and can create a symphony of human souls dancing with the tune of the eternity. We at Our Poetry Archive really do believe this from our heart. All our efforts always remain along with this direction only. Yes, we have come along more than three years across this path to bring different cultural traditions and literary heritages more and more close to each other. We hope our mission will pick-up to the next gear in the upcoming years with the constant support and contributions of our poets and readers around the world.

Language communicates with people and time, nature and soul. The forms may differ but the essence remains the same and powerful if the creator can express his or her talent with proper dignity and elegance. And poetry is one of the best medium for this purpose. The primary obligation of a poet is to communicate with her inner self. To broaden the canvas of his or her vision as well as feelings for both the life as a conscious being and people and time in general. Poetry is born If and only if one can achieve this.

Some would like to argue about this primary obligation of a poet, saying that the true goal of poetry or literature or any form of art in general is to save mankind from the demons of ego, pride and the greed to rule over others to gain more and more power. We wouldn’t like to argue with their views with counter arguments, but what we would try to emphasize is that one can go forward to fulfill these obligations only when one can establish a self identity communicating with his or her inner self.

To establish this self-identity is really vital especially for a poet if he or she really wants to communicate with a wider audience across geographical locations and time. Only then he or she can make an impression in literary history without which nobody can fulfill that true obligation of an artist – that of saving mankind as many people demand from a poet. And this establishing of self-identity is actually spiritual in essence. Where, the poet can find himself within his inner soul as well as along with the Universal Soul. Yes both in tandem. We can call this the spiritual cultivating of poetry.

Keeping in mind, this July we are also pleased to announce in advance to our readers, that this year also Our Poetry Archive is bringing another grand Anthology like all the previous years. This time we’ll publish OPA Anthology Of Spiritual Poetry-‘Beyond Borders’. Our readers are well aware that we have already published three Anthologies in the first three years of our web publishing. We have published OPA Anthology of Peace Poetry Against Terrorism. Which was followed by OPA Anthology of Poetry Against Racism. And last year we have published OPA Anthology of Contemporary Women Poets. So we thought that this time we can work on spirituality to extend our knowledge and experiences about life eternal and even beyond the known world in accordance with the Universal Soul. To our surprise a large number of poets around the world both known and previously unknown to us had participated in this Anthology with lot of enthusiasm. We hope like the previous Anthologies this upcoming one will also win our readers’ attention greatly.

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