Sunday, July 1, 2018




Over stated you visited frequently
You talked frequently I often looked up
Under the lamp shade
Just out of reach of the patient glow
I saw webs of daddy longlegs
They reminded me of hipsters
at St Peters station eating fly sushi rolls

In that dim light I traced the edge of shadows escaping with my finger tip
My words sat stronger than dark patches just beyond
Quietly listening
Hidden inside my stove were replies
Butted in between your frequencies
No space to breath

Leaving them to rest I watched your lips move, voice echo
I wondered when you should stop
Explanatory exploratory telling
centrifugal force
Lost in your discourse

The night was long that night
Uttering exhaustion I didnt want your story
We'd written one as ghosts with our meta data souls
Epigenetic almost not even
No narrative, a dried up waterfall

Delusional it continued,
I listened scraping dust off a vase
It rolled off smooth revealing sapphire
Absorbing the light bulb's arc
Sun in the sky almost at dusk
It roused my thoughts away
so effortlessly I forgot for a moment
how shadows flirt with danger
pulling down making me run
Spilling over everything in their way

Drawing silhouettes of trees gorging
their stoic limbs and trunks
Soft whispers moving leaves
indelibly dancing so close I shiver
Making me remember we're still here
together lampstands apart
Sitting in their underglow as hostaged thieves
CL Rolfe 2018


Night holds back
shapes lose themselves
Blind wishes escape
no name no memory
Drifting scents
flower listless
Who are you
Why this way
Remember lumière froide of day
CL Rolfe © 2017


Cherry red of dawn
Lethal unstoppable speed
An arrow of the morn
Sings to me
Moon's bard plays
Unconscious blindsight
Eschews reality confused
Lies between axes of daylight
Athene hid Odysseus
Letting truth drip as wine
Until all suitors were killed
Ignorant to grape and vine
Will that arrow one day
smash nymphs to stone
reveal spaces beyond blades
Letting us read Zeus' poems
CL Rolfe © 2017


CLARE ( CL) ROLFE is an Australian based self published writer. She released Ten Letters to Delacroix’s Tomb in 2016 and is currently completing a fantasy series. She continually adds to her poetry collection and is inspired by philosophy, natural environment art and the everyday.

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