Sunday, July 1, 2018




it's a breeze
fragrant strawberry,
dangling coral

An image of shiny cherries,
swelling grapes,
next to cherry
with a tart taste.

Breath of June
it's blooming flower beds,
dew brilliant on clover,
the roses scattered on carpets.

In the distance, the cuckoo's  swoops,
the birds feed the beautiful chicks.
A rustle of rushes above the pond,
frogs croaking.


I looked at the silence
how to sway the grass -
she was decomposed
for roadside bushes.

She went down the leaves of the trees,
and these spread out before her
green carpet.

She was running around the garden.
but only a voice
in unknown directions.

I looked at the silence.
It floated on the rug of air
intertwining with a crystal thread
sun rays.


At your fingertips,
but only the eyes look
touch of the wind
caresses the cheeks.

At your fingertips
but only a voice
Laughter desperately
it calms your desires.

And break out of silence,
to dance, to sing.
At your fingertips -
other ends of the world.


JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK Born on May 22, 1957 in Świebodzice. A clothing technician by education. Editorial secretary of Winner of many poetry competitions. Poet of the Year 2015 honored by the editorial staff of Dziennik E -Literaci Statuette for the overall activity on the literature field in the past five years 2010 - 2015. A member of the Literary Association 'Witryna' in Stalowa Wola. A member of the International Literary Artistic Group "Kwadrat" in Krakow. A member of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw. She has published four volumes, is a co-author of six literary issues. Ten Anthologies including one religious Her poems appeared in three international anthologies. Her poems are translated into English. They are published in the international monthly: "OUR POETRY ARCHIVE ONLINE MONTHLY POETRY JOURNAL ". For several years, she has been publishing on the website , where she gained a lot of regular readers. Participant of Festivals, literary workshops and meetings: Festival of Song and Patriotic Poetry in Lubaczów -IIIrd place for the poem "Still today"; First Festival "Lubaczów Poetic Autumn" in Lubaczów , where her two poems were available to the Museum of the Borderlands; • Participant of the 15th "Jurassic Poetic Autumn" from Złoty Potok and "Festival of Slavic Poetry" Cieszyn 2015; • Founder of the Non-affiliated Group of Saffo Poets; at GBP in Zebrzydowice and organizer of cyclical meetings in poetry in Zebrzydowice He leads a series of meetings on poetry at the D.S.S. in Cieszyn.

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