Wednesday, August 1, 2018




I plant a garden around my soul,
fill it with beauty to brighten my goal,
find insight with divine inspiration,
lifting me high into revelation.

I plant a garden inside my heart,
fill it with love for each days start,
let the love flow so all may grow,
joyfully basking in its glorious glow.

I plant a garden inside my brain,
fill it with wisdom to bring me gain,
solve all problems that come my way,
with Godly insight making darkness sway.

I plant a garden where my spirit is free,
eating fruits I find on wisdoms tree,
it nourishes my soul and feeds my heart,
restores my spirit with a daily implant.

A garden of divinity is filled with joy,
guiding me to truth which I may deploy,
it reaches into darkness with a hand that's sure,
bringing to light all knowledge that's pure.

In freedom I travel the passages of life,
bringing an end to hatred and strife,
spreading the fruits of love where I go,
leaving doors open so light can glow.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


A light goes on as my inner eyes see,
the mist dissolves as my mind becomes free,
a bigger picture all falls into place,
each puzzle piece finding its right space.

Love is poured into human form,
an obstacle course our paths adorn,
to overcome means we may move on,
otherwise we have to have a rerun.

Our virtues and values remain our crown,
we don't allow life to make us drown,
love is the rule we must follow through,
opening the doors to what is true.

When we fail we're trapped in snares,
then have to find our way through the cares,
when we see the light it brings insight,
guiding us out of the darkness of night.

Clues are laid out everywhere,
sometimes hidden with camouflage and flair,
truth and honesty expose the flaws,
giving us power to open the doors.

No one's to blame when we miss the game,
it's time to awaken and call it by name,
it's a work in progress to become complete,
so stop fooling around in utter defeat.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


With my words I can reach into your mind,
turn it and twirl it anyway I can find,
I can take you for a ride you'll never forget,
open many doors where there lays no regret.

With my words I can regulate your heartbeat,
lift you into elation as I sweep you off your feet,
whisper sweet words of love in your ears,
embrace your heart away from all fears.

With my words I can open your soul,
turn the gears to a whole new goal,
extend your vision to things unseen,
explore adventures where you've never been.

With my words I can give wings to your spirit,
break through all barriers of human limit,
help you rise from the degradation of health,
into the glory of spiritual wealth.

But words are mere words until they find life,
rooted in the soul with the heart as wife,
awakening emotions that weave through the mind,
joining the spirit in actions of live so kind.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS.... Poetess is born in South Africa, grew up in Zambia, previously Northern Rhodesia in Southern Africa where they lived close to nature and animals, learning to love and care for the land, to protect it and treat it with deep respect, and that same love was carried through into life. Blessed with many experiences, high and low, led to expression in poetry and soon short stories. Pen name of Zararia Yul is used meaning "brightness of dawn river beyond the horizon".

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