Wednesday, August 1, 2018




Love gives us nice wings
And life is only in two rings
Who testify that our goal
Is to have ever same soul.

Love is a place where I've seen
That I am always a queen.
I am only your lovely one
And I feel as a great swan.

My lovely wings start to fly
In the dream's wonderful sky
In our lives we feel unique
Because love is magnifique.


Only the Sky know
The inner of my soul.
The Stars see my tears,
Listen my sadness.
Only the Moon
Understand my dreams.
Every night, she listens
The lovers song.
Only the Sun
Feel the fire of my wish,
To run with you
In the blooming fields,
To jump in the grass,
To follow the wind
And to colour my dreams
With butterfly wings.
Only the Birds
Want to fly with me
To my beloved,
To sing together
The simphony of eternal love.
Only God knows
What my heart wishes
And I follow His path,
Because I know
That at the end of the road
Is you, my wonderful dream.


Why do you think
You are different?
Don't you know
God made us
From the same mold?
Do you ever felt
The pain of the broken hearts?
When words cut worse than knives?

Why do you think
You are special?
God gave you a chance
To be good,
To be merciful
With people.

Why do you think
You are superior than Him?
He loves all.
No matter who or how we are.
We have the same heart,
Same soul
Same skin
Same birth and same death.
We are the same Creation.
We are humans.
We must be Love.
His Love!


Everyday I'm looking in the streets
And I discover about the life's needs
People must learn more to smile
To forget their problems for a while
To bring in their lives the light
And to let their daily fight
To survive in this world who forget'
Which was God's real project
That we were made from same mold
And all are equal in this world
The different is only the deep
Of our love that we keep
Inside of our soul and heart, more,
The real, true love for our Creator.
© Sorina Ivan - all rights reserved.


SORINA IVAN is a journalist, writer, newspaper editor and, in the same time, a beloved romanian poet who resides, at the moment, in Germany. She debuted in the world of writing at the age of 14 years old, becoming the winner of a national writing contest. Being a incurable romantic, Sorina chooses to write mainly poetry that talks about profound subjects such as life, people and feelings. In present, Sorina writes, mainly classic and free verse, but she also enjoys writing haiku and quatrain. From time to time, she doesn't forget to express her humorous side while writing epigrams. Her poems put a special emphasis on love and equality between people, most of her creations being full of teachings about people's life and their attitude towards each other. Promoting about people's rights in love and equality, her poems create true connections between people's souls from all around the world. Till present moment, her poems have been translated from Romanian language in: English, French, Italian and Spanish language. What you can say about her for sure, is that she is a poet of love and peace.

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