Wednesday, August 1, 2018




The heart pained
Caught between
Two seasons
thunderstorm rumbling
disturbed thoughts
Unsettled gushing wind
Sweeping up
Hurling in the air
Autumn rustic leaves
Once hopeful evergreen
toiled through testing seasons
Torn... fallen .. lost...within
Caught up in storms of oblivion
Dare not the heart
Let out a silent cry
Tear drops of tormented rain 
Streak down her poker face
seasons of truth
Slowly unfurled
the destined path 
Rusty leaves floating
At the bottom of the stream
Remnants of lover’s furlong
swept in the midst
of a dying Summer’s dream
Angel Bell (c) 2018


How many colours
Shapes and forms
Would you describe
The wonders of love

When you discover
Awakening passion
feeling free
Vivid colours dancing
Within me

pulsing emotions
Of a lover’s first touch
A kiss filled with tenderness
About to erupt

Electrical currents flowing
through mind and soul
Feeling complete
Embraced and whole

When a heart pulsates
with a quickened beat
flows purely within
Burning flames of heat

Love’s multiple rays
Enclaves parents embrace
Whilst looking into
Your Newborns face

joyous moments
In the purest form
Embraced arms
Rose petals adorn

Thus pounding heart
of the lovers kind
Grows and thrives
Within ones mind

Rivers Flooding
gushing, Pounding
Thus lover’s passion
So outstanding

A force greater than
an avalanche
Releasing the fiercest
Fists once clenched

True Love drives you
Madly wild
Without restriction
Or confined

Blooming, glowing
Radiance beaming
Oh what a magical feeling

Kindest gestures
Selfless action
With determined

love is Undemanding
and all consuming
Giving and generous
unconditional unassuming

A shooting comet,
With brilliant ray’s of light
Fast and fierce
Burning through the stormy night

Uniting colours of all races
A magnitude of stars
Wearing different faces
Awaiting to be welcomed
In your love’s arms
Filled with beams of joyous graces
Angel Bell (c) 2018


Forbidden words
Left Unspoken
Forever buried
Deeply within
The crevice
Of thy heart
Though it yearns
To breathe
The longing
Of its lover
Kept apart
Pulsing lips
Dare not
Whisper it’s secrets
This heart bleeds
In silent regrets
burning fire flames
Ignited by her
forbidden man
Angel Bell (c) 2018


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