Wednesday, August 1, 2018




I listen to my steps
on the inclined plane of the night
The darkness drips down from the roofs
creating opaque pools.
Life in my chest beats slowly
while time passes
in the tears of a thousand because,
and has no mercy for those who would like to stop.
In the emotion aspect
whispers of sunsets and mirages of new flights
and silence remains the last witness.
©Regina Resta, copyright 15/07/2018


The thoughts motionless on my skin
they try on tiptoe
to make your way into your heart
up inside your soul to appropriate yourself
of our infinite desire to live love.
Flashes of light clench their eyes
tell our emotions.
I have arrived to you and
we will continue as blind
without losing the route.
©Regina Resta, copyright 15/07/2018


My journey begins when
the contrails of the sea go backwards
and the distant lights come and go.
They are reflected in the sea as golden flows
they plunge into the bottom
while darkness awakens the thought of abandonment.
My path inside the deserted night
it also makes the fear of loneliness disappear
beyond there is nothing, the heart forgets to exist
and gets lost in the foam of the days,
suspended between hope and the need to leave
without ever looking back.
©Regina Resta, copyright 15/07/2018


REGINA RESTA was born in Castellammare di Stabia (Na) on 20 June 1955. She is a poet, writer, literary critic and biologist. She collaborates and writes on various Italian and foreign literature sites. She directs the site and the site She is a FB administrator of 4 groups with 10,000 members. INTERNATIONAL VERBUMLANDIART - The Art in the World"VERBUMLANDIANEWS" FRIENDS "VerbumlandiArt" Cenacle of Culture-Art-Information "THE VOICE OF THE POETS" VIDEO ART POETRY - Poetry-photo poetry- VERBUMLANDIART She has published some of his works in national cultural journals and many poems are part of anthological collections. She has received numerous national and international awards. She received the Culture Award at the Juan Montalvo Prize in 2015. The Lunigianese Center for Dantean Studies, managing the International Prize of Poetry for Universal Peace 'Friar Ilaro del Corvo', has nominated her as Ambassador of the 'Friar Ilaro'. She received the 2016 Critics Award from the International Prize of Poetry for Universal Peace 'Frate Ilaro del Corvo'. She was a member of juries for literary, theatrical and art competitions. Her most important creature is the International Association VerbumlandiArt that She founded in 2012, of which She is President. The most prestigious award, with the recognition of the medal of the President of the Republic, is the "Città del Galateo" Prize 6 editions. They follow: "Città di Pesaro" Modern Art Prize 4 editions. "La Voce dei Poeti" Award for videopoesia and photopoetries, 3 editions."Città di Gallipoli" Modern Art Prize 1 edition. Cultural events in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Caserta, Spoleto, Milan, Rome, Capri, Galatone, Lecce, Kostolac, Gallipoli, Nardò, Genoa, Bologna, Porto Cesareo.

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