Wednesday, August 1, 2018




The enticing aroma along the dark…
The dayspring wakes up
Dawning with rising wings towards
The air gets filtered melting…
The enemy of draught lies
Around the ice that has overwhelmed
The soulful glacier…
The aroma of wetness dyes the paintbrush
Artistically, lost inside the emotions…,
The aroma leaves broken limbs of love…
The last will releases sounds of air:
Breath come closer, rejoice…, love, don’t hate,
The Amazon has opened the doors of heart,
The atmosphere buzzes from the divine spirit!


My city,
The sea waves wash your dust on every corner...
Even me, you wash my sadness when I get back on your coasts,
Tired, exhausted, carrying rags,
For the old door who is already rusted.

My city,
When I cried for the first time.
How much we have been loved and hated,
To discover the borders of fear...
I was only a teenager
When the grain of sands were shattered
On the lap of my smile,
When you deported me far away... for two decades...
Without learning the value of wave’s silence,
That keeps still bubbling under my skin,
Like the symphony of a nightmare...

My city, nowadays,
My park of the damned is the Adriatic coast,
Where often with the fingers of heart
I carve the pain and subscribe
The fugitive hope together with the dove of peace...
I wear the costume of the seagull
And keep snoozing under the curtain of the sunset.
I feel the tweets of birds,
The kiss of waves with one-another,
Like eternal lovers.

My city,
I want to sleep and wake under the murmur of your waves,
To sweep the dust of the oblivion,
To pour the vortex of the disappointing thoughts...
So my chest may flash under the colours of the rainbow,
And the light may dazzle me every morning when it dawns,
So the evening may come as an innocent sinner in the bad of dusk,
At the hostage, where the desires sleep and wake up.


You are the invisible air that intoxicates me...
Rushing my breath
And makes me tremble... like the moon’s lungs
That arise, even when we are absent
Over the lightened carpet under its roof...

You are the noisy air I feel...
I hear how you play the sol major guitar chord,
With the fingers of heart...

You are the glowing air...
Dressed with the skin of caress, you warm me...
Like the sun warms the nudity of earth
And makes fresh grass flourish
Even in the depths of winter, hidden under stones.

You are the air with the face of love,
Tacked with longing leaves under the tunic...
Like the dark sky,
That tempts the clouds to drop over
The untouched peaks of nature...

You are the air dressed with baby’s clothes,
That tells me scary fairy tales of love.


FATIME KULLI, poet, writer, publicist, journalist-from Albania. She was born in 1957 in Durrës. She finished her higher studies in Social Science for Psychology at University of Tirana. Fatime Kulli, is an author of 20 books, poetry, prose, researches, literary critics, awarded with several prizes inside the country and abroad: Award "Radio Ulcinj" Montenegro (2000). "Golden Pen" for the book “The Sea sinks inside the shell” in Kumanova, Macedonia (2001). First place for the most beautiful lyric poetry about love, on Balkan Poetry meetings in Korça (2003). “Golden Pen” in Athens (2004). Second place, at the poetry meetings in Napoli, Italy (June 2004). First Prize at the Meeting of Women Poets, Vushtri June 2008, Kosovo. “Skampini” Prize on Balkan Poetry Meetings in Elbasan (14 March 2009). First Prize in Balkan  Poetry meetings in Korça (2010). She has participated in several international poetic meetings. Author in several anthologies of poetry, in many countries, such as Greece, Germany, France, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Romania etc. She has been awarded at the Academy of Sciences, Tirana (14 June 2014) with the title "Ambassador of Peace", as the poet of Çameria, by the Universal Federation of Peace. Fatime Kulli has 11 volumes of poetry published over the years, which have been praised by the critics, among which are:

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