Wednesday, August 1, 2018




Oh my Lord
Your feeble creature
Drove crazy this world
Oh my Lord
All the human race
Might ask forgiveness
For not taking care
Of the granted seeds
Of love, peace and happiness
For nurturing instead
The devilish greed
Of lust and selfishness,
Love of power and influence
That distorted our temper,
Turning us into a creature
Addicted to fights and torture
Of fellows and nature
Oh my Lord
I can feel your anger
As a natural disaster
Yet I know, my Lord
Your mercy is greater
Always able to alter
Or reduce the evil and disorder
In every  living creature.
Houda Boukassoula
(All rights reserved)


Wandered aimlessly in the desert
Lost through dunes of life
Feet on the burning sand
Claimed it was the end
Looked hopelessly for water
Wanted eagerly to save my life

Was that existence a life?
Copying other's lives
Never so far been myself
Always looking for comfort
Not caring about my heart
Life was emptier than desert

Lost in the open desert
Between death and life
I knew the value of life
I will plainly have to live
What I need is attitude
In every action and behavior
With much gratitude
To show to the almighty
For granting me chance
To reconsider my life
Lost in the large desert
I could start a new life.
Houda Boukassoula
(All rights reserved)


H ope is not enough to make a dream exist
O n the ground you should work and resist
U ntil it comes true to make your delight
D awn will appear whatever the night
A nd sun will bring a new daylight

B e righteous and head away to the day
O n which humans will be ready to deny
U gliness of selfishness from their way
K indness is the guarantee for happiness
A ltruism might chase turmoil and distress
S how the world your heartiness and willingness
S how your magnanimity free from meanness
O f those who give just for usefulness
U gliness won't be easy to chase away
L et's all unite to deny our selfishness
A nd fight to settle peace and happiness.
Houda Boukassoula
(All rights reserved)


You are not you
You are another
I can see you
I don't find however
What I saw in you
And wished will last forever
You told me I love you,
I will live with you forever
And acted as a true lover

You can change your look
Your colour or whatsoever
What you cannot change
Are feelings of a true lover
Once they mark the heart
Their print lasts forever

My heart can't bear
Missing you forever
Now turn into you
Or I will have to
look again for you
Not inside me nor inside you
But inside another
That can be a true lover.
Houda Boukassoula
(All rights reserved)


Looking like blossoming sprouts
Nourished by the same water and ground
Heated under the same sun and cloud
Cuddled by the  same gentle breeze
Together we used to grow

severed when winds are fully blown
We may turn white, yellow or brown
As winters into autumns flow
Profound joy and sufferings we undergo
A deep sigh might release our sorrow
If only time marks we try not to show
If only we choose together to grow
Hand in hand we may swim across the river
That looks steeper and steeper
We will certainly reach the shore
May be old or with a past we cannot wow
Yet we'll safely cross together
At the end of a tunnel we will see a glow

If only together, not alone
We choose where to go
And make a bright future our vow.

 (All rights reserved)

HOUDA BOUKASSOULA was born in Tunisia in 1969. Started writing poems in Arabic and French at high school. Has written articles as a Basic Plus Author in Has recently started writing English poems on spirituality, humanity, peace, love and nature.

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