Monday, November 1, 2021





Enigma Of Survival


Why survival is only for fittest?

Is there magical enigma to it?

For some shaping dislocation is best;

They squeeze inside belly of plane’s cockpit.


Some heap their fear of survival with awe;

They unlock doors in abandon to flee.

In aggregate their minds empty of flaw

Leaving home and birthplace as refugee.


No shed of tears can build to overflow

Holding firmly loved ones as guarantee.

In a new beginning they’ll come to know

How disavowed they are of their country.


Someday the morning sun will rise again,

In their hearts, loving homeland will remain.



We Are All At Fault


We are all at fault

you and I

and others too

in the canon of our trajectory

catapulting peace over perjury

harmony over angst

no one cooks rice

without sifting it

always some undesirables

within complex webs

of our minds

where our karma revolts

or echoes involuntarily

in matrix of peace and sanctity

as we grapple with sinews

and seek bhakti

embellishing dharma

being this change, we wish

for you and me

immersing melodic stotras

within gems of Bhagavad Gita.



Merger Of Hopes And Dreams


Let not hopes and dreams be thistle and thorn.

Or make land-slide oddity in old age;

When the twain shall meet, greater joy is born.


For hopes and dreams come in all shapes and turn.

They can fickle the brain, no matter being sage;

Let not hopes and dreams be thistle and thorn.


Hopes can be stardust fruits of apricorn

Dreams can be that mystic titular page

When the twain shall meet, greater joy is born.


In cusp, nurturing goals as unicorn

There is no age limit to discourage

Let not hopes and dreams be thistle and thorn.


Where expectation is greater as sworn

There are sometimes a sweet flowering gauge

When the twain shall meet, greater joy is born.



When the grand act is point of no return

And expectation runs like high voltage

Let not hopes and dreams be thistle and thorn

When the twain shall meet, greater joy is born.




LEONARD DABYDEEN is a Guyanese-born Canadian freelance writer, critic, literary book reviewer (fiction and poetry), and Human Rights activist (Amnesty International). He is a graduate of the Univ. of Guyana and former Lecturer at the Government Teachers’ Training College in Guyana; a Licensed Paralegal (retired) under the Law Society of Ontario, and a Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits in Ontario. He is a prolific poetry and book critic contributor to social media online, including Linkedin, FaceBook,, Trivenie-journal (India), Confluence South Asian (U.K.), Muse India e-journal (India), The Gandhi Way Newsletter (U.K.), Inspiration (pen: STAReye), (former) Member of the Society of Classical Poets (U.S.A,), Muse-Pie (Fib Review and Shot Glass Journal), OUR POETRY ARCHIVE (OPA), Spectrum Publishing Poetry and Art (U.K.), Asian Literary Society, POEMarium, Poetry Central, English Poets and Writers’ Association of India, Writers World Poets Corner, Gurukul, STANDS4Network,, Power Poetry,, Poetry Soup, ARC, Formal Haiku The Art of 5-7-5, Setu Bilingual Magazine (U.S.A.); Life Member and Literary Critic of MetVerse Muse (India). Published author: Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems, Xlibris Publications (2012); Searching For You, A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems, Xlibris Publications (2015). Live in Ontario, Canada.


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