Monday, November 1, 2021





A Solitary Bird


How freely she flies

I envy her


she touches the clouds silently

and shines under the golden beams of sun


As the sun fades

and the  clouds roll away

She flies back with an enchanted soul


I close my eyes

and fall into a pool of fathomless pain


Still I hear her call

Time and again

 my heart knocks

tick tock tick  tock .




Ùnscereend Folds


If it were a paper boat ...

Might not be destined to flow

If it were  cursed ...

Might not live to last long


If it were the envy of unknown Gods ...

Might have melted in the magma chamber

And might have lost for ever


But its our love that is never lost

And moreover

It's wings  can beat the air

like Jonathan seagull



Life has  many a folds

Some remain unscreened and untold

And life glitters like gold


Verses can't explain it all

Words fall short

In the silent valley of hearts

although a river overflows.


You have said once

Stories are trivialities

But life alone is tranquil and beautiful.





Tale Of Embedded Secrets


A tangled jungle of fear and hopes

Cooks up  illusions

amidst a heathen darkness.


A drowsy bird

That tweets a tale of beauty and wonder 

Innovates ways to wade

Through a dull book of distressing emotion

And despair.


The tale so weaves  a necklace of jewels

That reveals at each curve

A directive for  hidden secrets

Embedded in the musk of unspoken sorrows

And bleeding veins.


A stone wall stands stunned,

Embracing  the pagan secrets of music

May not be exactly melancholeous....

Copyright@Rajashree Mohapatra

Bhubaneswar, India




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA: Born in Odisha in India received her masters degree in  History , Journalism  and  Mass Communication from Utkal University, Odisha  and Environmental Education and industrial  waste management from Sambalpur University,  Odisha. She is a teacher by profession and poetry ,painting and journalism are  her  passions .She is a bilingual poet . Her Odia and English poems are translated into many national and international languages and are widely  published in prestigious  anthologies  , international   ezines and Journals.  She is a senator, elected to 'World Union of  Poets' and an active member of Unamos al Mundo con la Poesia, Mexico .Her poems are aired from Universal Radio , Mexico in three languages ie Odia ,English and Spanish.  She loves to devote her time in painting .For her , painting is a mode of creative expression and  can communicate souls . She believes  artists play an important role in making  of the  society .Most of her paintings can be found on the cover page of prestigious Anthologies, published in different  parts of the world .

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