Monday, November 1, 2021





Oh Lady, My Lady


Her beauteous structure

Is sleek and refined

Each mark and each hue

Is Heaven defined

I rushed in to capture

A glimpse of such wonder

But found the branch empty

Of such lovely wander

She lifted her wings

And Heaven she flew

Oh, lady, my lady

I search high and low

But never can capture

Your view in the flow

I just have to wonder,

An angel you be ?

As quickly, I find you

And quickly you leave

Oh lady, my lady

I still wait to see

The Ladybug wonder

That flies in my dreams

© Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved JGV 2021



Leaving Wealth Behind


The Sun was rising

Lifting the evening curtain

Scratching the sky of Red

Painting streaks of love

Leaving wealth behind

All the Gold of Sunlight

Brightened every sight

Every bird was singing

Lighting every hollow

Bringing life from hallows

Waving flowers and meadows

Danced before my eyes

While my heart was drumming

Humming deep inside

And my soul rejoiced

Giving thanks to God

For the light was beaming

From HIS eyes so bright

© Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved JGV 2021



Life in Paradise


Until I get to Heaven,

I’ll plant a Paradise

With plants, and flowers and trees

Among the rocks and boulders

I stand on bridge to peace

My home will beam with colors

And textures evergreen

The whimsy music chimes

Will hang from limbs on trees

A refuge sweet,

For butterflies, birds and bees

In here, they’ll find much comfort

A place to drink and eat

In every empty corner

Will fill with plants and shrubs

And decorations chosen

For random spaces seen

 I’ll have an Angel Garden

Dispersed among the niches

Of every darkness seen

Some ducks and geese

And chickens in every size

And fit

The rabbit holes be housing

The sweetest memories

You’ll find no walls obstructing

No borders housing in

The treasures I behold

For all the World to see

In life, the dreams were many

And some have been achieved

The most important being

Life, my loves and green

The memories have settled

Like compost breathing life

To thoughts

Of love

And Peace

Here in this little garden

A paradise I’ve found

On awaking every morning

And walk and look around

To all the things of wonder

I see moving about

I pray, I see and ponder

My life in paradise!

© Juanita Garcia Vera

All Rights Reserved JGV 2021



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