Monday, November 1, 2021






The song of the birds

I mourn the deer,

The springs mourn death,

The pits are in mourning

Decibel’s longing

He would like to to come

To unite The Territory of Dacia


The is sad sun,

The sunset is hungry,

The moon is gone,

She's hiding in the galaxy.


People are waiting their turn,

Time is wandering...

Run to the hourglass,

Thoughts are moments,

It collapses memories ...


We'll be back again,

Maybe in a butterfly ...

Let's hug

Dear Romania

Dear Mother Earth.

© Daniela Marian



Autumn Yellow


I dressed spectacularly in the frantic autumn gold

I touched the delicate leaves with my fingers in the gentle breeze

I painted them on the cheeks of children running happily

Among apples and pears in the frantic game and crystalline laughter


I took a pumpkin from the pile left by a bridge

The bridge of light divides the fruits of the autumn basket

Autumn is rich and not stingy

She is magical.

The sun's rays sprinkled yellow pumpkins with warm balm

Let the butter in them taste good for healthy grains as well

The Romanian flag was tied to a towering tree on the hill

The silk cloth was worn on the arms of the wind with

Red yellow and blue tricolor wings.


It reminded me of my childhood when I was so happy

I was fond of pumpkin pies made by my mother.

The autumn yellow remained in my tabs with memories

In images of splendor in the silence of the quiet days since then

They are carefully stored in the box carved by my grandfather from the basil room with the holy icons on the wall and a lighted candle for my loved ones gone to a better world.

Autumn yellow lured me to wear dresses like her

I adorned myself with earrings from its yellow and reddish leaves

The years passed like dewdrops on autumn fruits aroma

in the richness of full baskets.

© Daniela Marian

"Duck" Dance



It Was Once A Love Story


You were wonderful

as a teenager at 20 and she at 19

Sparks came out of his green eyes

And they met her brown eyes

She and He fell in love at first sight


A vivid memory remained in his soul

from the soft touch of the innocent kiss

to the rhythm of dance music

He touched her palms with his palms

seduced her with lightning

whispered words of love to her

He wove them in the "Duck" dance

Funny and nostalgic without caring.


The years of purity passed quickly

They passed like leaves on trees in autumn

They touched their sun-reddened cheeks

from spring

In the summer they were tanned by the hot rays

I was indifferent at the time

The present was the Universe that witnessed

the pure touch of love.


Another girl separated them.

Souls love each other continuously as a the

inexhaustible flows.

©Daniela Marian




DANIELA MARIAN - born in Roznov, Neamt from Romania; Hobbies: She has been passionate about poetry and painting since she was a child. She has published poems in volumes protected by copyright through ISBN publishing houses approved by the National Library of Romania. She published volumes of poetry with authors in India and authors from Romania. She has also published poems with several authors from the country and abroad with whom she has collaborated excellently. Her writings have been published in various literary magazines and anthologies, circles from the country and abroad. She received diplomas and certificates of appreciation and excellence for poetry from various national and international literary competitions. She gets involved in various volunteers for people in difficulty, especially children, for whom she is a financial donor. She is a promoter of environmentalism, peace and harmony.


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