Monday, November 1, 2021





Target In Lives


How can I reach the target?

Without informing by the light

The light is not enlightening

While the sun is not ready to come out


The world is felt like nothingness

For all creatures run away

To find out the cages

Try to think over and over


Before the street lights dislike to enlighten

The roads are not to be straight

Some other days it will be a winding road

Save the lives before the rainy days

Before coming to sleep all times

That's the real lives as a sample


Try to be not an ignorant

Save the lives for peace

The rainy days will be coming to fetch

Be ready or not to accept

That lives are exchanged always

Medan, August 24, 2021




Sparkling Light


Though i can't touch the stars

I try to reach its sparkling

While the moonlight is smiling

Then i show my hands


I am dancing at the beach nearby

That the sands are waiting for my voice

Blow up the wind as far as you can

Wait for a while

The blue sky is not coming down to submit


For everything is needed

Since the men are lazy to act

Try to come on the next day

That is an effort to do


Not to sleep all days

Not to sing a song all times

Doing effort is the real lives

Nobody keeps his hands in the sky


For once the need will be coming down

As blooming daffodils in the spring

Take a part to be but not to be lazy

Be an actor like ants to survive


That the lives are significant to look like

Not expectation from radiant claims

That has no life be a begger instead of

Medan, August 26, 2021



How Can The Lives Be Run?


Let the moon be smiling

As far as you can reach

Let the sky not come down

As far as you can see how far it is


The one i worry about is the sun

If Corona Virus does not fade away

How can the lives be run

While the death threatens all days


That the lives are confused

The doctors are not serious

No vaccine to cure

The dollars are expensive


To search for, not to steal

Instead of acting criminal

The lives better go to sleep

How can the lives be run?

Without having skills


The pandemic threatens to kill

Let the self be as like the sun

To move from the east to the west

It enlightens all the leaves

To complete the survival of the world

Medan, August 26, 2021




SIAMIR MARULAFAU is a lecturer in Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Sumatera Utara, Medan-Indonesia. He was born in Nias, a small island located at North Sumatera- Indonesia. He has been teaching English Language and Literature  for almost  36 years. He has written and published 9 poetry anthologies. Two poetry anthologies were written in English. They are entiled “ Lighting” and and “Humanity”.While others were written  in Indonesian language such as : “ Cintaku di Danau Singkarak”, Kasih Tak Putus”, “ Bahtera Dalam Ayat”, “Taqwa pada Allah”, etc. He had conducted seminar as a presenter and speaker in many countries like in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, other cities in Indonesia such as in Jakarta, Banda Aceh, Yokyakarta, He is active in writing poetry and reciting poems in Malaysia and some other places as well.

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