Friday, April 1, 2022




The Gorge Of The Heart


Where have you been hiding so far?

What planet did you live on?

Did the cosmos do that?

That we had to meet?


You were approaching the cliff of my heart

You are attracted by the breath of magic, gentle

You slipped and fell into the abyss

And that's where your trail ends.


My heart is a sarcophagus

And it's not a place for everyone

And you are someone special, dear

You take the throne in it.


Do not doubt, do not be sad at all

You have no reason to repent

When you accidentally fell into my heart

You remain, eternal in duration.



Whisper Of A Kiss


It's Valentine's Day, my love

Announced a cold February morning

My heart aches with longing for you

Everything between us fell silent.

Valentine's Day is my beloved

Everyone is expecting a special gift

And me, I just want your hands

And the whisper of a kiss to caress me.

Two of our glasses are silent on the table

As usual, I poured "chardonnay"

I drink them silently with a hazy look

I hung your name on my lashes.

It's Valentine's Day, everyone is happy

Everything is full of love, the sky is singing

My tired soul sobs torn

Grief like a beast is deeply rooted.

Love spilled colors everywhere

Intoxicating are, the scents of roses and perfumes

Everyone hugged their loved ones

My hands are empty because you're gone.




SLAVKA BOŽOVIĆ was born in Nikšić - Montenegro, where she lives, works and creates. She is a member of numerous national and foreign literary associations and communities. Her works are represented in numerous regional and world collections and anthologies and have been translated into several languages of the world. In addition, her poetry has a significant share in electronic literary journals, domestic and foreign sites, as well as on radio frequencies where it is heard on all meridians. She has won numerous prestigious awards at various international festivals. One of her favorite awards is the Poetry Icon of the World Academy. The art and culture of India. She is also a senator of the World Literary Association. Slavka is an academic of the Virtual Brazilian Academy - ALBAP. She has so far published two independent collections of poetry: Suitcase of the Soul and A Spark in the Eye. She is the mother of three adult children - academic citizens.

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