Friday, April 1, 2022



In Wet Eyelashesframed

A walk in the rain

I like these moments so much

you shake off the drops

from my hair with your lips

and dry my cheeks with your breath


like menacing dynamite

hands for hands

are a safe shelter

eyes are shining

in wet eyelashes framed

lead flows from the sky

with the summer rain

there is almost

no dry thread on us

but let it rain like that

let it wash

our hot hearts

like torches

before the heat

consumes us completely

because of the street

because of the passers-by



He stepped in for a moment

into my arranged life

he destroyed the myths

in sepia colours

sad sadness

grey greyness

quiet silence

his life was in a hurry

he restored my world

in sepia colours

sad sadness

grey greyness

quiet silence

he forgot to take

crumbs of memories

when it gets

bad and hungry

I will get stronger

submerging in them

my trembling fingers

the one that turns over

pages in the album



Hand in hand


as if by accident

you intensely look for

the biggest crowd

to, even for a moment

hear the beating of my heart

to, even for a moment

feel the warmth of my side

innocent dance

they see us around

so, you send a cordial

smile in spite

but I feel your temple

moving over my temple

and my face hurts

from your gazes

your fingers tingle

melted into the velvet of my dress

and the heat of your hand on my back

is burning my body

you desire

I desire

we desire

but we lack the courage

and though a lot has happened

nothing has happened



WANDA "DUSIA" STAŃCZAK: (Poland}_A writer, a composer, an author of over 120 songs, plays on stage, plays with the brush, has founded and runs the cabaret "Half-serious" (for the past 16 years). She has published 18 poetry books. She is the president of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw (branch II), and the chairman of the Qualifying Commission of the General Council. Within the past 10 years, under her editorial, 16 international anthologies have been published and promoted in Vilnius, during the World Poet's Rally, of which she is a co-organizer. Her poems have been published in many countries, she was among 99 female poets in the world anthology published in India. She does not commit other sins for lack of time. The greatest mystery and her creative inspiration is Man. Therefore, the cruellest punishment for her would be a desert island.


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