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Look at me.

Don´t take away your eyes from me

In my steps run the history of millions of me

On my back I carry a sack of dead poets

But don´t look at my mouth.

I could spit flower-beauty poison

Don´t look at my hand either.

They have bloody-sealed dammed words

Look at my eyes if you wish in the intense summer,

you wish to die of cold

If in the roar of life, they wish to remain silent.

The shadow of a raven hangs around my nights

Unable to pronounce the cruel sentence.

The wild beasts hide their teeth

and take a feeble sleep at my feet.

Telluric birds crown me

Among bay leave arches and rum barrels

I have loved few women but I have had many

They have shaken with fire and succumbed to tact

They have surrendered at the edge of a pray

Just a whisper could melt the titanium on the chest

Just some eyes make my hell: wings,

Just a mouth makes my knees fold

And make of me,

A lost child in the wood

Only a shadow in the forest,

Just a shadow …

Just a name…



At The End Of The Day


Get out, chest voices

Break the cell!

My common sense will not stop you.

Hold well the hair of the wind

Sharpen the spikes and horseback ride far away

Also take my sorrows

Tie them to stones

and let the bottom of the river

accept them

Stop being silence

Do not accept a whisper

Be a shout, an echo, an avalanche

Be thunder and cannon

Break the cuffs!

No crowd can silence you

There will always be kisses and whispers

And songs of sirens

Do not stop in front of them

At the end of the day

When death opens her arms and my bones are burned

Only my poems will remain..

I leave them to you

Take them with you

Be my will.

We will see each other face in a thousand years

And..that re encounter should not be in forgetfulness.




MARIO TATU was born in Havana on October 9, 1997. It grows within a family of professionals. Between 2003-2012, he considers primary and secondary preparation in Pedro Marrero schools and Enrique Maza. After a year in pre-university, he applies to the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. In 2013 he enters the Academy and in his second year he begins to specialize in engraving. He participates in 2015 in the XII Biennial of Havana with the work "Line of life" and in 2016 at the Expo Homage to Alicia Alonso, with the work "with the eyes of the soul". He writes the first poems of him, shows a poetry. Sonora-experimental, characterized by the musicalization of the works. Already in 2017 he graduated with the titled thesis "We are" (only validated work in that year). At 20, after passing the mandatory military service and, at that time, having directed and interpreted the video clip "One hundred hours are not enough" (presented in the media of national television), its studies begins in the faculty of Communication and journalism of the University of Havana (UH), in the course by meeting (CPE). In 2019 he participates in Collective Expo. In the gallery the artist, with the piece "May rain". He records some songs with the Band Valhalla, from which he is director, composer and main vocalist. The first poems, written between 2016 and 2019, grouped them into the notebook "hung by the shadows" (unpublished) and in 2020, its 2nd ends and 3rd notebooks of poetry (unpublished), "dehustling (de) lilies" and " Aurora "respectively. These poems, without losing many of the characteristics of the first, show a deeper study in the sense and meaning of things, both fit and in content, where the poem is altered according to their own designs, after a better result , not because of the designation of the feelings that engendered it, but to live with a distance from everyday feelings and take its own character in it. Right now, he is working on the 4th poemary of him and in the illustrations that will accompany the first.

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