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The Flame Of Faith


When the flame of faith burns in us,

We build fairy tales ourselves in life,

We will overcome all barriers,

We will reach the goal without fear.


When the flame of faith burns in us,

We see the future of paint,

We build castles out of plywood,

In which life boils like a dance.


And we are getting stronger,

Going forward to the cherished dream,

And we become kinder,

And more liberal in prohibitions.


And we fall in love more boldly,

Wings grow faster,

We need these feelings more and more,

To escape from impotence in life.


When the flame of faith burns in us,

We make plans, achieve,

We change the image and manners,

We conquer ourselves again.


When the flame of faith burns in us!

Let's go forward to a blooming dream,

We change the system, the weather, the sphere,

For generations to come.


We are the stars, as we pluck flowers,

At the peak of glory, centuries, eras,

We are reviving ourselves,

When the flame of faith burns in us!


The Ring Of Philosophy


Everyone has their own face.

In poetry, art, and prose,

they have a philosophical echo

A night with frost crowns autumn.


Shrouded in the radiance of holiness,

The one who collected the sapphires of lives from heaven,

He draws a motif for everyone,

In a rush of searching for all meanings.


Rhyming yourself on canvas,

In poetry, music or prose,

a tribute to beauty is paid,

Creativity - with any forecast.


Philosophy will enchant us,

Inspire and excite,

And it will strengthen like granite!

Over the destinies - only rock conjures.


And your thought no longer belongs to you,

Evil fate does not tolerate small transactions,

It will cut off like a jet plane,

Everything that seems fake.


Who understands the meaning - forever

He studies the lifestyle and the hands of the clock

Minutes will turn into years,

In fact, the result matters.


Playing with the word and fate,

Drawing the original appearance,

You'll still be yourself,

Invincible and free!


Write The Way You Breathe


Write the way you breathe! Like a hurricane,

Go your own way and change your life.

And the thought is your guest, sometimes unexpected,

Stopped at your gate.


Past hopes and excuses -

You will not find it in the bins of paradise,

and there are many unjustified misconceptions

All this will appear before God like a forest.


And at this moment, simple and strange,

You, so driven by a sense of revenge,

What doesn't heal wounds,

You will leave your dear father's house.


You're taking revenge on yourself for the stinginess of words,

For not sleeping at night,

For writing poetry again,

Which, maybe, is a penny price.


A vendetta that burns in the mind,

Perhaps your best strategist,

Write as if you are in exile,

Prepare tactics, run away.


Write the way you breathe! In a foggy moment

You're choking on the rhythm of the lines,

You will find the desired flower of love,

And exhale the desired syllable.


Vendetta* - revenge




Not a very convenient opinion,

Not too convenient themes,

And often the revelation is bitter,

And the eternal souls in us are mute.


Countless possibilities,

No expressed wishes,

They do not cause difficulties

and do not disturb consciousness.


Will you always keep a calm conscience with pride?

The hushed subconscious

Gets used to stupidity completely,

Leveling up the state?


The whole world was

torn apart by indifference,

Indifference overshadowed the minds.,

We no longer listen to our hearts,

our minds are occupied with the dream of greatness.


My unpleasant opinion,

Both views and the search for truth -

Generations don't like it,

everything seems unthinkable to them.


And they look too tired,

And the rules are outdated,

For example, they don't need diplomacy,

In order, as they say, to slow down the pace.


Do you really live like this, and not according to conscience?

Is that how you overcome desires?

And you will miss all the opportunities

Current upbringing...


You become part of a convenient,

Looking for the justification of this time.

Like attracts like.

Only a plea with cries of remorse.


Time and morals are changing,

All opinions have changed long ago,

And for me, my sinful righteousness

All whispers and whispers doubts.


When Spring Is In A Fluster.


What does the year have to say

If spring takes your every day?

Spring in your soul, spring in your eyes,

Spring mirrored in every sunrise.


Blessed be the day and blessed the hour

When love took you wholly in its power.

Let it fill your heart with its warm rays,

Intoxicate you with each new day.


Love is such a miracle for all.

It makes the very world seem small!

And the world is changed, the wind veers,

And the heart fills with new hope’s cheer.


In every moment, every trace,

Is drawn a sweet and gentle face.

Let your life be filled with laughter

And with love forever after!




NATALIE BISSO is a poet, novelist, essayist, and songwriter. Author of 9 original collections, more than 100 lyrics and 3.5 thousand poems, co-author in more than 120 international collections. The poems have been translated into 34 languages of the world and published in international anthologies in the languages of different countries. Honorary Figure of World Literature and Arts with the award of a silver badge. Takes part in the literary life of different countries. Academician of the International Academy for the Development of Literature and Art; Academician of the International Academy of Russian Literature; corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts. Honorary Member of the WRITERS UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, Head of the German Branch of the SPCA, member of the International Union of Authors and Performers (ICAI). Member of the Cámara Internacional de Escritores & Artistas and the World Council of the International Chamber of Writers and Artists CIESART (Spain). Member of the International Union of Writers, member of the Regional Public Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Poetry "SVETOCH", member of the International Guild of Writers (Germany), Member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists, Member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) / Eurasian Creative Guild (ETG/ECG London). Advisor to the International publication of Chinese Literature (Hubei Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles), member of the Jury of international competitions, Ambassador of the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity (IFCH), Member of the European Council and the Intercontinental Advisory Committee RINASCIMENTO-RENAISSANCE Millennium III; Honorary President of Thousand Minds for Mexico (Mexico) and the international jury in Germany, Honorary Member The Union of Spanish-Language Writers (UXE). Multiple Grand Prize-winner and Laureate of international literary and musical competitions; winner of several special international prizes; Holder of six international literary and musical medals and orders, including under the auspices of UNESCO; the title of "Golden Feather of Russia", the title of MAESTRO. The songs are performed on radio "Radar", "Recital", "Phoenix", "WE ARE TOGETHER", AUTORADIO, Radio OK, Radio NG, Talent Park, Ocean+, the video project "Intrigue show". Participant of TV programs on the channel "Artist TV".

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