Tuesday, November 1, 2022



The Walking Dead


The time had come for them to part,

he left alone - a broken heart -,

a broken heart that seemed no end

the way he drifted round the bend.


His grief was long and hard and cold -

increased the aches for growing old -,

to think at times, he'd surely break -

no letting up - so much at stake...


All wounds in time are said to heal -

renewed the heart, once more to feel -,

but then again, such things be said

among the living walk the dead.


But Chances In-Between


As winter leaves unfold the buds of spring,

from white to green as birds are heard to sing.


Before too long the chicks begin to hatch,

but then again there is to this a catch:


While many live, a lot will perish, too,

as nature does what nature's want to do.


Each mother grieves the way that mothers will -

the loss of one that's such a bitter pill!


As summer wanes there's autumn in the air

but sad to say not all are leaving there.


As sure as seasons come and seasons go

we know of loss the way we're bound to know.


There can't be life but deaths upon the scene

and chances are but chances in-between.


Cloud Upon Cloud


Life is but a shadow

on a cloudy day;

it comes; it settles;

it fades away.


And like any shadow

it fades completely,

lest it be granted

to memory.


For such is the shadow

that light cannot take,

and cloud upon cloud

shall ever remake.

-Richard Doiron ©




RICHARD DOIRON: Canada's peace poet, published 58 years; author of 18 books, poetry & novels. Work published in over 150 anthologies; winner of numerous literary awards. www.spiritsinpeace.com

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  1. Thank you very much for adding my poetry in this wonderful publication.