Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Mad Slumber


The human civilisation

Rampantly speaks of stories of deaths, miseries and emotions

With circumvented anxieties, sorrows and painful indignation.


A state of happiness 

Is of course very hard to experience

And elated delight is beyound,

whole life passes as if it’s a horror show


All around us are in a mad slumber,

There is no glimpse of satisfaction

Worry, suffering Sorrows, despair and madness

Seems to be the stories of humour

We can't possibly understand the real meaning of life


Never endeavour to move inside which is spirit

Once in a while if a conscious man is born

Society, in deep sleep lose temper

By administering a cup of hemlock, we kill Socrates

We hang Jesus Christ.

Are we in profound trance?

We are lost in deep sleep, even we forget our own existence.


A Wrapped Sky


Whenever the sky is wrapped

With a shadow of death,

It is but evident that a cry of despair

Oozes out because of some blind faith.

The impelled agony kills one out and out

From within the self

And no option is left than to weep or yelp.


This takes one to his trances

And force him to behave abnormally

With a total disturbed mind

The soul opts to console itself unusually.


It cannot be asked

As to where lies the wrong,

For no one has an answer to it

Even the stars can't hint any suggestion.


Although this yearning of souls

Continues unanswered and indeterminate

The tit-for-tat theory escalates every one

To avenge the unwilted shadows of death.


Yet no one knows why wars are fought

That returns only sorrows and sufferings

One gets suffocated

On studying the bones of peerless sages in hollow texts

And realise

That only the painful memories remain as dividends.


Why can't we then embrace love and sympathy

Instead of a disrelished hatch

And wish all along

That death may extend a polite catch.


The Dreaded Fear


It is indeed true

That every breathe on this earth

Is shrouded by the dreaded fear of death

Each with one terrifying wreathe.


A thanatophobia occupies every mind

In every second well ventilated across

To embrace the harbinger of own end

Unwanted and unwarranted most.

Yet the inevitable death

Knocks at the door gently though avoided

And never allows to scoot.


Everyone loves to escape death

Practicing many a professed theory

But Alas!

Any myth or the history

Never confirms it being achieved

Even in multiple entries.


Death is no doubt

The ultimate end of life

One’s mind, work ambition

And the world he already built or proposed to build

Ceases with death beyond his notice.


Immense attachment in bear- hug

Over and above the earthly propellants

Of love and passion,

Pains the immortal soul

When one fails to differentiate life and death

Are but two sides of the same coin.


Better if one tries to understand death

And overcome his vices

With inexpungible practices

So as to live a life

with serenity and composedness.


When Death Devours ...


Right from birth till the last breath

We live the span with teachings of love and compassion

 Sing the rules of fraternity

And come over the violent emotions.


Our dreams create hopes in us

Beyond all possible confusions

We calculate every second our loss and gain

Yet not explore the reasons of miseries and pain

We try to immerge on the floor as a successful warrior

Even though the cruel death knocks at the door.


Death devours all the mutants of life

Leaving no option to realise

Whether or not life is but a pleasant journey

Or if life and death are unsolved mysteries

mutatis mutandis.




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA: Born in Odisha in India has received her master’s degree in ' History ‘and 'Journalism and Mass Communication' from Utkal University, Odisha. She is a teacher by profession. Being a post graduate in ' Environmental Education and Industrial Waste Management ' from Sambalpur University Odisha, she has devoted herself as a Social Activist for the cause of social justice, Environmental issues and human rights in remote areas through non-governmental organizations. Poetry, Painting and Journalism are her passions.

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