Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Almond Tree Blossom In My Heart


As I ascend the steps to home

almond tree flowers and petals

are scattered on the marble.

Spring is opening its eyes

and body again amid cold winds

while the end of winter blossom

knocks on my heart.


Every day without you

almond tree blossom is

scattered in my mind by the winter wind.

As I open the garden gate, the almond tree

with its glorious flowers surprises me

with its pink whiteness. Pure and gentle like you,

my son, these winter petals remind me

of you. Where are you, my son?


Are the orchards of the sky blessed

with whiteness throughout the year?

You wanted to be a painter on a country farm

to learn nature. I learnt love from you.

Even from the sky, you teach me love

you extend it over all the world.


Stay on earth tonight. I want you to paint

the end of winter’s pain in blossom

like an almond tree, to see its whiteness 

against the gloom and pain

to tell me all is flowering in the sky too

to tell me how blue is the whiteness

of the sky’s eternal blossom.

© Roula Pollard


Spring And Summer For You


This year the spring blossom

extended its blend of blooms                                                                                                  into the summer, to greet you.

Purple acacias still blossomed

then shed their flowers on 

the dank gray pavements

voiceless and numb like me.

Bougainvilleas in happiness

bloomed passionately this May,

conveying their excessive purple

passion everywhere around.

Japanese jasmine perfumes the streets of the planet

opening their soul for you, my son, in white ethereal

perfection. Do you hear me

my son

my sun?

Do you recognize me homeless, helpless and

hopeless without you? But now, as I look at the sky

as I look at the soil on the earth, as I sense a delicate scent

I see your face everywhere in the eternity of the cosmos

in the divine region of the soul-spirit

I behold you transformed into an angel

my son

my sun.

You compose a heavenly symphony

You, the light of my life, my hero

of compassion, global peace and

humanity, whatever I do it is for you

I breath for you, cry for you, laugh

and love for you, write poems for you

so that you exist on a different plane

in the sky, extending the life and light

of an eternal cosmic existence


my son

my sun.

© Roula Pollard


Nature Calls You, My Son


You have gone to heaven, my son.

Still, I touch your baby lips

and see your innocent smile

a smile this planet will never

experience again.

Yes, I see you in front of me

your baby legs, celebration

of your joy

I see them in the strength

of your adulthood.


Your baby lips

eager to talk

the pure words you learn

to pacify the world

with affection and love

this planet will never forget.


Yes, you are in heaven

but I see you in front of me

every day, every hour

you open the door of my heart

you kiss me and return to the sky


When my heart fills flourishing

with love, when the day is dark

I think of you

the largest flower of love

in the world, love creator

of my heart, my son.


When the sun shines on the earth

and sea, its radiance heals the world

with its light

it fills my heart with warmth

I think of you being a star

or a living planet, my son


When the ocean calmness

hugs the earth and transforms

the brilliance of its blue in every heart, my heart

travels with you, you guide me

into the universe’s secrets, my son.


When the spring comes

impatient, strong, enthusiastic

like you, and its vigor spreads

on land and air, I see you

a flame in the air, my son.

© Roula Pollard




ROULA POLLARD is a bilingual poet born in Santorini, Greece. She is an inspirational poet, writer, translator, literary promoter, social and environmental activist. She has four poetry books published “Presence, “Points of Silence”, the “Birth of Time” in Greek and “Century of Love” in English, which was translated into Telugu. She has received a number of international Poetry awards and participated in international poetry festivals. Her work has been included in more than 180 International Poetry anthologies and published in literary magazines around the world. Roula has promoted the work of more than 165 poets, writers, and artists worldwide. Translated into eleven languages, she is International Peace Ambassador for the “World Institute for Peace”, CEO for “Sharing Friends of the Art’s Hollywood international”, member of the board of Directors of “Atunis Galaktika”,” E-Zine”, and “Athena” magazines, Greek representative for “International Forum for Creativity and Humanity”, “Waheed Musah Center for Humanity and Humanitarian Development” and also committee member for “ Rinascimento Renaissance Millennium III”. Roula has received an Honorary PhD from the International Forum for Creativity and Humanity.

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