Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Emotional Death


I was once a victim of blind love,

Inexperience cost me dearly

It hit me like a bolt from the blue

He knocked me off my feet, that I felt emotionally dead.


That pain is much stronger than death itself

A sudden blow breaks the heart

It almost paralyzed the brain cells

The body decays, the sense of beauty dies.


I lived a long time, as disinterested as a plant

Even though I had to act like she didn't break me

Despite all efforts, betrayal is never forgotten

But some force strengthened me

It turns me into a mighty Phoenix.


I am still haunted by images of the past

Scars on the soul are silent witnesses

They act like extremely heavy shackles

Which no factor can remove.

© Slavka Božović


If They Tell You That I Died


If they tell you I died

No, I didn't, I don't know that

Tell them I just left

There, to wait for you on the shore of sleep.


If they tell you I died

Tell them they're wrong

I disappeared in the shadow of the moon

Where the angels cover me with a song.


Tell them   how   I fell asleep

In the ship of the heavenly sea

That I remained a secret in your heart

Like a murmur, from an inexhaustible source.


If they tell you I died

Don't let your pupils darken

Tell them, her soul is as big as the universe.

her immortal verses shine in the galaxy.


Lost Love


It was timeless love

an unfortunate circumstance set us apart.

The pain in my heart poured out

by fate the branches of my soul mutilated.


I loved him like my eyes

was my whole world

I lost the sun and spring with him

I can't breathe, I die like a flower.


Probably God loved him more than I did

that's why he took it from me.

My luck was flying like dandelions

So instead of love I drank a glass of pain.


And, my life stopped, it's not like a river

I try, but his shadow follows me

Winds bring the ancient promised words:

"My love, only death can separate us"!




SLAVKA BOZOVIC was born in Niksic_ Montenegro, where she lives, works and creates. Since childhood, she enjoyed cultural activities as a member of various recital and acting sections. She has been writing poetry since her early youth. She is a member of several domestic and foreign literary associations and associations. Her works are represented in numerous regional, European and world anthologies, and have been translated into several world languages. Her poetry has a significant presence in electronic magazines, domestic and foreign websites, as well as on radio frequencies where it was heard on all meridians. She is also the winner of numerous awards from domestic and international competitions and festivals. From the world's most visited site "StoryMirron" in 2019. she won the title "Captain of Poetry". In 2020, Slavka was honored by the Institute of Science and Culture in New Delhi with the title "Icon of World Poetry". She also won the cup and the title "Star of World Poetry" at the international competitions "Path to the Stars" under the auspices of the World Literary Academy 2020-2021. She is also at the International Competition "European Poetic Stars" as well as the title of world vice champion in poetry. She also participated in the competitions "Between words and infinity" and in 2022, for her exceptional creativity, from the Secretariat for Literary Culture and Art from Naples _ Italy, among eight European authors, she received the Literary Career Award. Slavka was also awarded by the president of the World Literature Union, Silvano Bartolozzi, with the prestigious award "Gold Medal with her image" and elected as a Senator in the Senate of World Literature from 2022 to 2025. So far, she has published two independent collections "Kofer duše" and "Iskra u oku". In Negotino  Macedonia, her second collection "Spark in the Eye" won first place and was declared "Book of the Year", where she also received an award _ statue for life's work. At the International Festival "Symbiosis of the Planets" held in Kumanovo, October '22. for winning first place, she was awarded with a prestigious prize - a cup. Also, she was awarded the title of eternal academician at the Luso-Brazilian Academy. Slavka is the mother of three adult children - Academic Citizens.

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