Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Faith Hope Love


A magical wreath dates back to ancient times

His crop of faithful seed was unique

Spread under Kale sal hope slumbers

Ah, that personal seed is addressed with love

Stringed from the heart with the blood boiling

If it suits you, then you are whole

A good word knit, winter warmed white

O people, your works are at the top

I'm writing you a live highway, I'm counting

I cut Xanthia's love from a rare flower

I stand still with my palms up like a prayer

Seeking wisdom from Solomon I do not sleep from trouble

O fate, do not play with a poet who knows how to love

He rushes in with a sword, but keeps love in his hand


The Last Beginning Of Man


The last beginning of man

crashes like an unexpected epilogue

on the periphery of anticipation

when the feeling of freedom

it goes through all the chakras at once

and in the moment when he thinks he knows everything

playing his best part

gets only muted applause from himself

and in the soul, there is a stone lump of strength

to rebuild the stage with heart

to tread on the planks of one's own bones

and unequivocally to act

to the very end of the true


When It Could


If it could

to return from the beginning

the carefree ways of childhood

and with silk thread

to mark all spheres of play

married for life

with the midday harvest of wishes

Then it could

make all the pain go away

and sadness turn into rain

that new seeds sprout from the earth

juicy with heavenly tones

distributed once

at the top of a child's heart

e poems




ANETA VELKOSKA:  MACEDONIA. Aneta Velkoska was born in 1978. She lives and works in Macedonia. Work experience: professor, TV journalist, librarian, writer. Winner of awards for poetry, prose, drama: poetry book of the year, state award for essay, best drama script of a festival, first award in the world for Esperanto culture, special award for the traveling theater "Savages", with students, awards from the area of education and science. Acts: What Annoys Eternity (2001), Are All Gods Romantic (2004), First Macedonian lexicon (2004), The second love of the stone (2009), The Giantest Dwarf and the Dwarfest Giant (2010), Bad Yin and Good Yang (2018), Endless Frame (2019). She writes drama and film scripts. She makes creations from natural materials. Likes mountaineering, photography, occult sciences. She is the author of several multicultural projects.


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