Wednesday, March 1, 2023





Wrinkled hands

Who have worked

all their lives

to feed their children.

Hands that caressed my face

as a child when I was young.

Hands that knew

dry my tears of pain.

Hands that have held mine

in a hug of love.

Hands that now tremble

when they greet me

and express love,

uniting one to the other

as a sign of prayer

and thanksgiving for the life

that our Lord has given us.

Concetta La Placa@ t.d.r.


Your Renunciation Was Exitial


Your renunciation was existential.

It has had negative echoes throughout our lives.

You can't go back.

We must always continue forward, leaving behind us

the poignant ballast of melancholy and useless regret.

Now it's time to reap what we have sown,

everyone in their own existential space.

We need to let go of that invisible thread that keeps the past tied to us, without regretting what was not.

Now is the time to live life only in the here and now, the only precious fleeting moment

Concetta La Placa@ t.d.r.


My Love For You


Every new day, I see the dawn

step by step,

while my heart

beats the rhythm of this love.

I entrust you to her, confused soul, to the first ray of sunshine, to reflect on all the contradictions of this intoxicating feeling

which, every day, is renewed.


Your sky so low I lifted,

hoping to engulf you

in this

disruptive passion,

which like an itinerant cloud skims the infinite.


My love for you, love,

like light at dawn, it expands

on the horizon and blinds me with renewed passion.

Concetta La Placa.@1/2023 t.d.r.




CONCETTA LA PLACA The author, Concetta la Placa, was born in Caltanissetta on 07/30/1960 and lives in Rome. From an early age she has always shown that she has a creative nature. Degree in social policy management. She loves literature and poetry. Love reading and creative writing. In December 2020 she released his first collection, entitled "Cosmic Love and Emotions in the Wind". It's a collection of 55 poems, all linked by a single thread: Cosmic Love, which is love for the little things that surround us in this immensity and love for simplicity enriched only by pure emotions and true feelings. The author has published several poems in numerous national and international anthologies by various authors. Even in various national and international E-Books such as the contest of "San Lorenzo, a beacon for peace 2022", in the E-book of the Literary Magazine "Cultura Oltre" dedicated to the World Poetry Day "March 21: it's poetry" and in the latest E-Book "Gold, incense and myrrh" by Solair De Poetas (Portugal). Three poems by author: Concetta La Placa, Italy.

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