Wednesday, March 1, 2023






During the New Year's magic,

when the desires set out of the soul,

I have only one from the heart,

quite ordinary and sincere.

For peace on earth to reign,

and love spreads the heat,

the key to happiness to be found,

and estranged to reconcile.

For the mornings to start with a smile,

for more beautiful words,

success after success,

and the sick of serious illnesses to be cured.

For the lonely to find their soul mates,

and love shows a sign of happiness,

the bridges of misunderstandings to collapse,

for the gap between people to disappear.

During the New Year's magic,

when the clock strikes midnight,

I wish everybody had a better life,

to celebrate another one, an unforgettable night.


Let Us Pray To God


Let us pray to God,

To keep us safe on earth,

And provides us

with the hope for the better future.

The times of gloom have come,

Incomprehensible, full of surprises,

With a series of twists,

and sleepless nights.

Let us pray to God,

To save us from misfortune,

And everything that threatens our lives,

From the tears wetting our cheeks.

Let us all pray in unity as one,

The same path leading us

towards the future,

Every stimulus is equally valuable,

Hand in hand, giving the support,

In this way,

The accident can be overcome.

Let us help those who are close,

And those far away,

Because each of us is in crisis,

And it feels good to know,

That someone thinks of you.

Let us build a bridge of love,

Towards the heart,

The trait of every human,

Let us pray...

Let' us help as the heart beats,

Because nobody knows…

What awaits us tomorrow.


While There Is Hope


While there is hope

I dream of distant horizons,

about birds flying far away

With the song of life ...

While there is hope

His heart trembles in his chest

Encouraged to move on ...

I watch the sunset

I'm expecting a new day as well as you

While there is hope

life goes on ...




SNEŽANA ŠOLKOTOVIĆ is a classroom teaching teacher. For her, writing is a hobby. She has published poems and stories for children and adults in 35. books: in Serbian, Serbo- Romanian, Serbian-Russian, Serbian-English. He has received numerous awards in international competitions, many poems are present in national and foreign anthologies, collections and magazines.


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