Thursday, June 1, 2023





It's always like I'm in the cradle,

After all, your love is warm with me.

Mom, Mom, blizzards and blizzards

They settled down a long time ago.


         For me, you are the dearest,

         I'll tell you more than once.

         Only to you, without understanding love,

         I'll tell you all the secrets.


I said I'd be naughty,

Ran away with a light breeze,

But you always knew that I needed

Only your hands to be warm.


          I know that you will always accept me,

          Even if I'm wrong.

          As always, you will embrace with all your heart,

You will find the right words.


The heart is like a stone cooling down,

If something is wrong.

Just don't let your love melt,

The rest, Mom, is nothing.




There, somewhere high up, you won't find the answer

And the dust of our mistakes will dissolve the pain.

Somewhere, deep down, my heart is warmed,

Just don't cool off and awaken love.


I will draw rain and a rainbow of hope,

The light of children's smiles and the angel of the soul.

Who can help me to be near, as before,

To take away from the troubles, we need to hurry.


It is not always given to us to see the light at the end of the tunnel,

To overcome or overcome.

If it is destined and on the way of loss

It is necessary to overcome the upheaval of life.


Morning star, bright star

It will always shine for those who are on the way.

Life is not a game; it can be anything.

Only love can save us!



Women's Love


She is always gentle; she is always beautiful.

You need her, she has an unearthly power.

And if your firmament wakes up your soul,

You'll understand that she needs you, she needs you.


She is loyal to you, but melts from resentment.

She is humble and proud that she will not give a sign.

But if the firmament darkens over you,

Will envelop the whole world with his love.          


She will always forgive, give everything without a trace.

The holy will keep and weeps only furtively.

And if the firmament sends its forces to her,

That will make this whole world beautiful.




IRINA SHULGINA: Born in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. Graduated from KSAMT. Composer, poetess, singer, vocal teacher. Honored Worker of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Soloist Kras. state Philharmonic Ensemble "KrasA" Head of the family ensemble "Sisters". The Shulgin family is a laureate of the All-Russian competition "Family of the Year". Honorary Worker of Literature and Art of the LIK International Academy (Germany). Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts (St. Petersburg). Academician MARLEY (Canada). Academician LIK (Germany). Representative of the Federation of the World Society of Culture and Arts of Singapore. Member of the Union of Songwriters Kras. the edges. Member of ISP (Moscow). Member of SPSA and ISAI. The author of more than 300 songs in different genres, hymns, which are performed by soloists and groups from different regions of Russia. Laureate of International and All-Russian competitions. Grand Prix of the International Competition in France. Winner of the competition of individual grants of the governor of the region, for his personal contribution to the preservation and development of culture. Recipient of the Order of Merit in Literature and Art.

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