Thursday, June 1, 2023



A Song For The Wind


Let’s unnest the idle story

write again on the tired wall

before time elapses farther,

for the nightmare of the afternoon

dares to entertain itself

on the pulse of eloquent deceits

casting shadows over own eyes

only to return blinded

calling for true colors

      unable to grasp

                          the sky.





These insomniac days wandering on the trench

aromatizing ephemeral visions

essences exhausted by the breath of the wind

the tattered blush of the red garden roses

wishes rusting over the eyes

and the frayed voices

pulsing minutes in my hands

whirlwind of images circulating fast

dispersion (against the clock)

of the mind’s books

and behind the walls I still hear

the echo of old songs streaming

from the jukebox

filling the wine glass

with poetry,

                   all shattered!


I see your shadows slithering

under the lintel of the door

always tied to my incandescent skin

and the sea that takes everything away


but here where the days doze

there isn’t forgetfulness

or any resignation

just heaps of salt to heal

                  so many wounds.




Any given day you feel like an island

a turmoil in the middle of the sea

the wind spins around you

                       with pulsating breaths


Suddenly the morning is a spore

thrown towards the wind,

searching for a place to anchor

and bloom at dawn,

             conceiving heartbeats


To open the eyes (again)

feeling the caress on the awakened skin

blueish and omnipresent


Three deliriums.




LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ (Puerto Rico). Published bilingual author. Awarded poet, narrator, editor, anthologist, translator, prologist, lecturer, international cultural promotor. Her poetry is translated to more than 15 languages and published in selected authors’ books, literature journals, magazines, anthologies and personal compilations in English and Spanish. She has presented her creative work and conferences in Poetry Festivals, Congresses, Expo-Colloquiums, Book Fairs, in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. She also explores creativity through photography and art. Academic President of the EMH International Book Fair in Puerto Rico. International traveler learning about diverse cultures and life perspectives.


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