Thursday, June 1, 2023



The Solitude Of The Soul


The celestial vault tonight

is studded with bright stars

that silent shine up there

they seem to chat amiably and

exchange smiles

making you feel of being

in front of an unveiled part of heaven


But the beams of light

that come from afar away

tell another story

lonely in the boundless void

far from each other

unattainable they are

in their desolation


Like the stars

men on earth

islands are of archipelagos

without bridges and

without boats

whenever they are

you can perceive

the deep loneliness of their souls

@ Maria Miraglia




Perched on a cherry branch

not far away

a sparrow

his wings open

the flight resumes

elegant in his movements

as a dancer

of the opera theaters

free to flutter

he has no limit of time

master of the air

ruler of the space

I think


After a while he is there

on the sill of my window

next to a vase of violets

seems to seek protection

in the shade of their leaves

small tender



Quite a different thing he appeared

from a distance.

@ Maria Miraglia




Emptied of thoughts

Joys and desires

The mind a tabula rasa

Like a newborn baby

A soul just pushed

On earth

Everything seems unknown

Men like aliens

Come from who knows where

Only the sky and earth

Are familiar to me

And the birds singing

Inviting me to a smile

That my lips fail to draw

Everywhere is din

The roar of the engines

The noise in the streets

Words that I can't distinguish

Faces I don't t recognize


But what a strange sensation

I can read feelings

As in an open book

And of men hear

The whispers of their souls

Saddened by what I see

And also, by what I hear

So arid people hearts

And corrupted their mind

i think I’d wake up

As from a nightmare

But my eyes are open and

The sun shining up

In the sky

@ Maria Miraglia




Dr. MARIA. A. MIRAGLIA, an educationist, a bilingual poet, a translator, an essayist in Italian and English, a ministerial lecturer for English language teachers, a peace activist for long, and an active member of Amnesty International and several other peace and literary organizations, is a recipient of several awards. She is a founding member and a Literary Director of P. Neruda literary association and member of several international editorial boards.  Dr. Maria Miraglia has recently been elected to the European Academy of Science and Arts-Salzburg.


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