Thursday, June 1, 2023





You are my eyes in the darkness

You are my voice in the silence

You convey my speeches

Over the mountains - across the sea

You dress my words

In the longing colors of springtime

That brings meaning to my life

So when spring comes around

It awakes my lust to live!

And experience

The most wonderful season

With you!


Everlasting Love For A Season


Spring, oh, lovely spring!

Snowflakes turning into drops of water

Drops of sparkling newborn life

Oh, how privileged I am

Right in the middle of a miracle

Of something so innocent

And yet so ripe!

Springtime is my time

At daytime and nighttime

And all the in between times

Both early and late!


The Spring


The spring is like a wake-up call

An ice-cold morning shower

Filled with winter angel’s ice-cold tears

Handing over to the colleagues of spring

The spring is like a ringing bell

An alarm clock that hits you

When you dwell

In warm and comforting

Golden slumbers

Springtime is filled

With tweety-birds

With fruitful air

And wonder words

After a long winter’s cold

The season is getting old

And life’s once again worth living!




PER JOSEFSSON is a writer, poet, novelist and translator. He is also a book publicist, illustrator, graphic designer and a language teacher. Has translated several books of poetry and anthologies from English to Swedish and vice versa. Participated in numerous poetry festivals and book presentations in different countries. At present he is publishing two books of poetry and one illustrated collection of short stories. As a language teacher he is educated at Lunds Universitet and as an illustrator and graphic designer at Konstfack in Stockholm. Working as an illustrator and graphic designer has given him many commissions in the book- and advertising industry over the last 40 years. Born in 1957 and living in the south of Sweden. Close to the cultural life in Lund and Copenhagen. On the threshold to the European continent.


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