Friday, September 1, 2023



Let Me


Let me love you in soulful silence

approach me with less defiance

I’ve written a million words

and saved them just for me

afraid of your reaction when you see

I can feel, you do care about me

but I can’t live with just what it might be.

So, just let me love you in deep stillness

without apologizing and forgiveness

like lightning that precedes the mighty storm

be always with me – take any form

because you flood my word with splendor

you are my mighty defender.


I embrace you in my thoughts and kiss

where madness melts in bliss.


When I Saw You


 Since the day I saw you,

 I’ve stopped to talk about

 the landscapes of loneliness,

 without any doubt

 I’ve replaced the night

 with a daylight

 and I’ve minutely copied

 the roots of the leaves

 in the pupil wide open

 to be the one who believes.


 When I saw you, I stepped on

 every roadside bush, I’ve planted dewy clouds

 which looks exactly like you.

 I’ve made constellation shrouds

 on the forehead of the tiring thoughts.

 Since I saw you, I’ve remembered the scent

 of the lime trees upright as a target

 on the bright horizon. With or without any consent

 I’ve signed on a piece of flesh

 in silence, love to outlive, to refresh.


When I saw you!?

When I saw you – I was born

and died on the same day!




Every day she comes to me uninvited.

She tells me one story at a time

through silence or singing sound.


For example, she will tell me

about love that can last

even after my departure and yours;

about the blissful smiles unnoticeably

stolen in discrepancy;

about the agitated bloodstreams of

passion, glued to the dance floor.


She will tell me

about every howl of the wind,

longing for the last red veins of the sun;

about the fragrant palm of the bougainvillea;

about the taste of tears that tremble in the eyes.


You are coming. You are leaving.

You - nameless, someone.

I'll keep you - a little turtledove,

like a talisman for harmony and happiness.




FROSINA TASEVSKA was born in 1978 in Shtip, Republic of North Macedonia. She completed her studies in the department of English language and literature - Teaching direction. At the age of 38, she published her first collection of poetry "Relic". She writes poetry for both adults and children, haiku, and poetry in English. It publishes in Macedonian periodicals and is represented in anthologies and electronic collections. A collection of poetry: "Relic" – 2016. "Talking whisper" – 2022


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