Friday, September 1, 2023



In Hope


In hope,

I burn like a candle in darkness,

in my light, wisdom and strength reside.


In hope,

I dream

of seconds and heartbeats-

thoughts that ignite.


In hope,

I burn like the dawn before the night,

and it burns with the hope that the day will shine.

Life promises in the blood carried by the wind.


In hope,

I burn like the star in the night

And all I can do is keep burning

in my dreams that are love in the soul.


In The Light


In the light, I am born

when the dawn awakens,

with dazzling rays as the earth unfolds.

I burn in joy and happiness,

like a flame that flickers

in the midst of dawn.


I am basking in the sun's rays

I am a small part that sparkles,

a delicate flower that blossoms,

a child laughing on a swing.

In every change I go through,

I remain the same-

a warm light.


Like the wind that carries

the scent of spring,

I am happiest in the light.


Own Dimension


Beneath my heart,

the sun radiates,

In every morning

peace and joy converge.


Beneath my heart,

there are timid leaves,

from the depths of darkness whispering.


Beneath my heart,

every day a new life it is baked,

new wings sprouted.


Beneath my heart,

a house of love flourishes,

with an address in its own dimension.




SLAGJANA BREZOVSKA was born in 1980 in Subotica, Northern Serbia in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. She lives, works and creates in Macedonia. She is a reviewer, organizer and project coordinator of the international poetry festival "Literary Sparks" in Gostivar, Macedonia. She actively works on projects and advocates for the affirmation of culture in Macedonia and the Balkans. She writes poetry for both, adults and children. Her poetry has been published in various magazines, anthologies, and electronic collections. Published two poetry collections so far.


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