Friday, September 1, 2023





 fingerprints left behind

 limbs scattered across the floor

 they show their face in their wrinkles

 wiping away the tears of a tired body


 tripping over human instincts

 I stretch out my hands cracked with shame

 flawless makeup leaving traces

 his tired eyes showed flames.


 from the recesses of dormant thoughts

 tired of brooding

 I lose myself in the past where anger

 shatters my memory of destiny


 pressure drop in the clenched hand

 transfusion of sighs filled in the soul

 allows you to survive by lighting the way

 dust off the weariness of life


 Freedom Open The Door


 The endless sky looks down

 hearing the joyful voice of the lark,

 only me is a gloomy sight

 I worked for him for several years.


 Thirsty for love, feeling too much

 I was looking for a cure for sorrows

 I wanted to change the color of my life

 I am suffering the consequences now.


 Holding Pandora's Box in his hands

 I see the profit and loss account

 humility was lacking in the negative account

 sorry it took so many years.


 I start real life like new

 I leave stormy days behind me

 I believe I'm finally ready

 open my freedom door.


 Wanting to finally find peace

 not to return to the dirty past,

 I raise my hands in a gesture of peace

 tasting the first sip of love.


 The endless sky looks down

 hearing the joyful voice of the lark,

 I lift my head slowly

 Freedom is no longer a dream.


 Having Seen The Light


 the undigested soul bends underfoot

 having found the soles of purification


 bursting sins seeing the light

 separated the tears from the ashes

 raising succulent branches of hope


 carrying the world on sloping backs

 among unhealed wounds

 inner light of blemishes and cracks

 hugs the scars of doubt to the heart


 a muffled reproach ends the gleam

 to become one with the air

 skinned by expectations



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