Friday, September 1, 2023



Enrolling The Richer Realm


If we pause a spell, we'll be quick to tell

that the mind was made to rest:

with the clutter gone we can carry on

and we're always at our best.


It's the tranquil mind that is most inclined

to enroll the richer realm,

with the very soul that assumes control

and is master at the helm.


When we meditate through the "narrow" gate

we'll be soon to saunter in,

for the truth is such that we're back in touch

with the deities again.


Transforming Love


Transforming love is what a person needs

– sheer tenderness to cultivate the queue –

abundant joy for which each body pleads

to come as might that rainbow from the blue.


What miracle that carriage must contain

– a change of heart to emphasize the call –

heard angels sing to think that might explain

the sweet caress that prompts the protocol.


On mountains high as well in valleys deep

reverberate those dynamite decrees

while, overhead, the stars an endless sweep

as patience points to paths and pedigrees.


Transforming love is what the newborn brings

for there's the whir of everlasting wings.


Of Rainbows And Silence


He sought peace in the outer world, but peace

was not to be found there.


If peace were to be found in the hustle and bustle,

everyone would have been at peace.


But peace was elusive, and the only way of finding

it was by going into the silence.


The world of silence was a place like no other, for it

was there that one connected with the All.


The rainbow, elegant, eloquent, without words, spoke

the quiet, quintessential language of colours.


Peace, like the rainbow, he realized, was the outward

manifestation of something steeped in serenity.




RICHARD DOIRON: work in print 59 years; estimated 1000 poems published in some 200 anthologies, periodicals, personal books; author of novels, biographical works, essays, and lyricist. Graduate in journalism and Certified Lifeskills Coach; work read at the United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica; published alongside a dozen Nobel Prize Winners by invitation, including the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu. Participant in local, national, and international literary festivals; 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winner with World Poetry; 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award with Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry; 2017 nominated for "There is a Winner in You" Lifetime Achievement Award with ARTeryUSA, nominated by James Pasqual Bettio, former senator in the California Senior Legislature. 2019 named World Poet Laureate by the group Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. Twice nominated for Governor-General's Award and the Griffin Poetry Prize. Nominated to the Order of New Brunswick, 2019. Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, 2019.


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