Friday, September 1, 2023



Old Life/New Life

(PART 1)


Just a distant memory of a past life

It was during the pharaohs and the pyramids

When men were thought of as God’s

Woman were respected for their knowledge of heart and hearth

When magic ruled the people, so many achievements were accomplished

People believed the mystical and light that burns bright in all

That’s where my King first approached me on horseback

He said I was the loveliest lady he had ever laid eyes on

Gently he handed me a beautiful rose and asked for my hand in marriage

We were married under the shadow of the sphinx

Many came to partake of our joy, from around the globe

Kings, queens, prince, princess, and the poor, all celebrated in love

Flowers lined the streets and doves were set free, the entire kingdom to express our love

A LOVE for all time had entered my heart; my soul mate had found me

When held in his arms a great Aura I could see emanating from my beloved

His love was expressed to me through the third eye as well as the physical

The love making was of the mental kind, brain to brain intellect to intellect

I had orgasms of the simulated mind

Great and wondrous things we did explore on this heavenly walk

We danced amongst the stars at night as we charted the heavens planets beams

Our children I did birth with great joy and love

They filled our days with pride and strength of charities

Then the great death fell over our people many dropped in the streets, dead all at once

Claiming one house hold after another a plague was destroying our great nation

Slowly but surely it rode throughout the land killing all in its wake

Until it arrived our home my son was first to go, then my husband and King

Sadly I was the last to perish this I remember with great sadness to see my family in their graves

I there in the bed lying all alone was breathing my last breath.

Then a feeling of floating until I wake up in this life as a small child playing with my toys

I am free and happy once more, yet I dream many nights of my last life

Dreams of a love I lost too early, in this life I must find him again

When, where, I just know with every face I look for my soul mate to find me once again




Old Life / New Life

(Part two)


I wake up in a sweat

His face fuzzy and unattainable

I know he is here in this world

My King is out there

Another Dream of my Egyptian King

The ruler of my heart

Our souls forever intertwined

No man that I come across seems to be right

Always lacking in someway

I hear my King calling my name in the darkness of the night

He comes to me in my dreams, loving and kind

I know one day my Lord will lead to the right one


I was at the grocery store

A handsome chocolate man walked up to me

Asked if I knew where the frozen food section was

As I escorted him, I saw his eye were shinning and bright

I asked him his name

His answer rang like a song in my heart

We arrived in frozen foods section, he asked me for my name and number before I walked away

I was dancing on air as I walked out of the store

I was elated to have met such a handsome, intelligent man

Music was silently playing in my ears as I reviewed the encounter with Mr. Handsome


It was dusk as my phone rang

The moon glowing bright on this fullness

It was Mr. Handsome, from the store

He wanted to take me to dinner

WOW it was exciting to hear from him so soon

When he arrived I was stunned at his handsomeness and bright eyes

Dinner was delicious; we then went to a jazz club

He held me in his arms as we moved across the dance floor

I was in heaven, his arms were magical

Slowly he tilted my chin up and gave me a kiss, so tender and sweet

His lips were like the finest of wines

Sitting down he told me of his past

Married, children, but his relationships had failed

Sad and all alone he asked about my life

My story not much different

We were two that was about to become one

The electricity flowed from both of us

Smiles and grins as we talked long into the night

He dropped me off at my door and hugged me tight

I knew then it was he that I’ve been looking for, wanting, needing, and desiring all my life

My soul mate had finally found me

That night, my dreams was of him and not my past

Now to begin a new chapter in this love story



Old Life / New Life

(Part three)


There he was standing straight and tall

As they pinned his metal on him

Courage under fire

My man, a military officer

I was so proud of him there in his dress uniform

Muscles rippling under his clothing

Eyes bright and enchanting

We headed off the party in his honor

Thrilled to be the lady on this officers arm!

The champagne flowing and the food delicious and plentiful

My soul mate and I together again, we both felt it and knew

He took me in his arms and we danced the night away

Happy and free to be me and we

Time to drive home and cuddle in our bed


His lips were like wine, sweet and intoxicating

His fingertips massaging my body to the core

Slowly he undressed me, garments falling to the floor

Kissing me all along, telling me his great desire for me

Finally laying me onto the bed

He nibbled my neck as he cupped my breasts in his strong hands

Every nerve in my body awake with electricity flowing throughout me

My desire for him growing stronger with each moment

My sweet peach flowing with juiciness

Eager to enjoy all he would express with his desire

Kissing me from neck to belly, then farther still

Until he reached my lava core

Fire he did bring as he licked the flames of desire

Until the peach exploded with ecstasy


Now calling his name I’m begging for him to enter my golden cavern

He enters me gentle and teasingly, slow short strokes

Then building to long deep strokes

I’m now almost out of my mind with the passion he is giving me

Turning me over he hits my peach from the rear, I love every inch

He is throbbing, pulsating and I’m touching the stars in ecstasy

Our love making reaching the highs of heaven above

Sensuousness of the physical but yet the mind as well

His soldier is at full attention in my peach and I’m glad to give it a hug from within my depths

He cries out my name as he explodes deep with in

We caress and hug falling asleep so very satisfied


That night was the first of many fabulous loving moments of desire

We created our own child, from the love we shared

An intelligent son that followed in his father’s steps

We talk of the future and all the love continued on there

What woman our son will marry

Our grandchildren, our great grands and on and on

Our love has come full circle and we are in blessed happiness

Our love completed by each other

Great joy lived daily

A love that stood the test of time and then some




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