Friday, September 1, 2023



A Thorn Of Necessity


And those thorns that opened

Gently, Gently

They chose to bloom

Magnificently, Magnificently

They wore the silky petals

Softly, Softly

They gave a chance to dew drops

To play games

To glide on petals

Smoothly, Smoothly

At last, they matured into a fruit

As sweet as honey

A miraculous circle of life

Just ended

Magically, magically


A Joyful Woorld


She bent to pick that flower

Then she realized that

The flower was sweet in her world

Excited while swaying in her branch

What a joyful world ...

Then she turned around and realized

The universe was crowded with cheerful worlds

She wondered ...

Why we park in the dark corners then...

Let's all go to these worlds ...

Yes ... But there is a problem ...

from where we should start...




Such harmony between the soul and nature elements

The bird was singing its joyful melody

The bird didn’t care

The absence of the audience hasn’t made a difference

That fluttering flower is not insane but the breeze took her breath away

Don’t blame her, don’t do anymore




AZIZA DAHDOUH an Algerian teacher, a poetess and photographer. She writes in English and Arabic She is an author of two books: Soul of The Bird and Colors Of My Soul. Her poems were published in many English magazines, international anthologies and websites: at the Atunis, Narrative Prose Poetry Arcs & Tajdeed Magazine of Iraq, Our Poetry Archive of India. She took part in many international anthologies: Argentina, Poland, Romania, India and various poetry websites. Aziza holds certificates for best poetic contributions in performance from various poetic forums. She is a lover of nature which appears clearly in her photography

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