Friday, September 1, 2023



Shattered Dreams


You shattered me, life's relentless force

But still, I hold love tight.

In destitution's bitter course

With hunger as my plight.


Through toil and toil, relentless strain

Like wild beasts in the night.

At dawn, I rise, my body in pain

Fatigue my constant fight.


I earned my wage through sweat and plea.

From bankers in a perpetual quest.

But what I had was never free.

Empty pockets, my constant guest.


In the workshop with a kiss, love bloomed

With my wife, two souls entwined.

I gave her my all, but love was consumed

It was not enough for our hearts to bind.



They stole my humble abode

Where I found solace deep.

The stars on my porch, their stories erode

Yearning their secrets to keep.


Broken by life, a lost soul's plight

Labeled a tramp, deemed lowly...

Yet I persist, with all my might

Seeking strength, my spirit fails slowly.


I'll steal a car, in a rebellious flight

Crashing through the darkest veil

Speeding away, fueled by spite.

And Death, my companion, won't fail...




Your lips, so deceiving,

They're full of lies, believing.

Your eyes, so teasing,

They light up, but I'm left burning.


You let me fall in love,

Just for a little game,

To make me sick with longing,

For a moment of your fame.


You entangled me in your web,

Oh, manipulative one,

You confused me in your trap,

Your spells, they've just begun.


And I, how foolish I became,

Though they say I'm a tough guy,

But from joy, I was struck lame,

Lost like a clueless fly.




But the time will come, it's near

When you'll feel regret and fear,

For I'm a man of honor,

Worthy of your love, my dear.


You'll remember me and weep,

Too ashamed to find me,

With your unfaithful eyes that creep,

Seeking caresses, but I'm still free.


Yet, a true tough guy,

Once he gives his heart away,

No matter what misfortune may try,

He can't claim his love's sway.


So, when you appear, enchantress,

Back in my neighborhood,

For your words, I'll bear witness,

I want you close, as you should.


The birds will sing a joyful tune,

Granting every wish of yours,

In my humble embrace, love will bloom,

Bringing solace to our soul's shores


Beware! Beauty Is Struggled


Say, I 'm grump

Say, I'm a dreamer

Say, I got on my high horse

And I flatter myself to judge everything

But don't pull me on that stage where

Beauty is being struggled...

I cannot stand it

''C'mon! What is the meaning of beauty for you, oh the wisest one?"

Well... I cannot explain it

I'm just born to understand when it is struggled

I listen to its agony, frozen, blind and unable to act

I listen to the sarcastic laugh of the speculators

as they plunder and strip its corpse

So if you totally don't understand what I'm saying

And why I bombard you again with metaphors

Say, I'm singing the song too high

And let me learn how hard it is to kick against the pricks and be kicked back to the core

© ChryssaV.2023




CHRYSSA VELISSARIOU is an award-winning educator in Secondary Education and adult education, recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education. As a passionate advocate of non-traditional learning, she has successfully conceived and executed numerous Erasmus+ projects. She is also a writer, with six poetry collections and a novel to her name, and has participated in various poetry anthologies worldwide. She has been honored as a Poet Laureate by two poetry organizations in the United States. With a specialization in Space Physics and an M.Ed./M.Sc. in New Technologies, she integrates theater, poetry, and cinema in S.T.E.A.M. projects. She is multilingual, actively engaged in social solidarity, and an elected member of the Municipality of Larissa. She is keenly interested in sustainable development and the inclusion of marginalized groups.

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