Wednesday, July 1, 2015



Another day.
Gentle breezes
Shepherd the clouds
Across the sky…
Wispy fragments,
Like sheep
Being gathered
Into a herd.
It may rain
Later in the day.
Not now.
The Sun welcomes me.
I breathe in
The fragrant scent
Of flowers trying
To attract their lovers.
I embrace
The mood which
Pervades my being.
This is a time
Of quiet pleasure,
Taking in the beauty
Which the world
Has to offer.
Later in the day
I will arouse myself.
There is work to be done.
I will give up
The pleasures of the moment.
I will surrender
To thinking and planning.
Labour will change
My nature.
I will no longer
Be a sponge
Soaking up nature’s gifts.
I will be a machine,
An ox harnessed
To a plough.
Evening will come.
I will surrender
To the beauty of the stars.
Once again
I will be overcome
By nature’s


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