Wednesday, July 1, 2015



As I walked, in the street one day,
strong winds came and swept me
away. I ended up in some faraway
land, to everyone there, my entrance
was grand.

Everywhere I looked, there was
something to see, as I watched
the dancers, dancing away.  A
handsome young man, bent
before me.

No words, had to be said, it was
as if, we could read each other's
head.  Oh my gosh, does this mean
that I am dead?

Looking in his eyes, my breath he
did take away, reminding me of
that awful, fateful day.

As we walked through the crowd,
suddenly, I screamed out loud.
As the crowd, slowly parted away,
finally I knew that she was okay.

The handsome young man, placed
me on a bench, suddenly from me
a sob I did wrench.

In front of me, were beautiful
gardens, from the woman there,
I begged my pardon.  Looking at
me, with a backward glance, I
ran to her in a flash of a chance.

Suddenly I heard a some laughter,
and there he was, hanging from a

There she is, my little corker, I was
so happy I felt a little dorkier.  Every
where I looked, there was someone
I knew, they looked at me and
said "We are always here for you."


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