Wednesday, July 1, 2015



I never took a list
of the symphonies
I performed for your love
but I knew
somewhat in your secret corner
you felt the music
when I carefully assorted
the melodies
to reflect our lives
how it rises and falls
and contented faces
as if they have already found
the answers
proud and foolish
too cliche
for our souls
We ignored
when we got lost
hand in hand
in this jungle
We never left our tracks
We never desired to be found
Faceless beings
werent our kinds
We knew
we were different
from the start
when a lot of sounds
and the sky
covered in the colours
of rainbow
and we found a life
within a life
A secret door
we entered so calm
all with intention and desire
and remained pure
and clear
like flowing transparent river
we showerd the little white pebbles
stuck in our lungs
For how many centuries
we beared this silence
pretended to be dumb
but what matters now
is our strengthened bond
this desire of two
to be one
and shine
once again shine...



  1. Fabulous..fabulous..fabulous...This poem took me to a very special time and a very special memory. It touched to my feelings....Great thanks to the poet...

    1. Thank you dear Beyza Erdem. I dont think any Word can better cheer a poet up than hearing her readers connection to her write. Once again thanks for your precious words <3 Gita


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