Wednesday, July 1, 2015



If I said that I was lonely
Would you promise to find me here
If I said the path was far too long
And more than this sad soul can bear
If I admit that my darkest fears
Often find me naked in the night
If I tell you I'm no longer sure
That I believe there will ever be light
If I swear I'd let go of it all
Just to find a home for this hopeless soul
If I swore I'd searched all my life
For the peace of my missing whole
If my heart could show you all its pain
If my darkness came to light
Would you understand my hidden tears
Could you make it all seem right
If I sighed and said I'd lost my way
That I cannot find true north
Would you hold me there in the dark
And show me my own worth
If I could make the world halt its spin
Would you finally hear my cries
If the sun fell from the sky
Would you see the hurt I have inside
If thunder was the sound of my tears
And lightening my lament
Would you touch this lost heart
As though an angel heaven sent
If you knew this were the final song
This broken heart would ever sing
Would you save this empty soul now
From the fearful hand of destiny
You'll never know until you try
And by then it may be far too late
For she will believe you passed her by
That true love couldn't wait
She will fall into the darkness there
You'll no more hear her sweet song
She will become a daughter of the night
Maybe there she will belong

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