Wednesday, June 1, 2016




Chilly the evening air
while the lights, untiring shimmer
in the town
and a Christmas tree glitters
in the large square
in front of the old church
people in and out the shops
of toys and gifts
Solitary I walk the streets
while memories flow into my mind
the rain sadly following my steps
the wind lifting the last leaves
How cheerful the holy eves
spent together
now you are there
silent in your dwellings
the dark avenues flanked
with cypress trees
casting their ghostly shadows
Faint the lights
in memory of your lives
hidden the stars
and the far moon,
covered with gloomy clouds,
once witness of your stories
now guardian of your groves

Maria Miraglia



Watching tow birds
on a tree branch
their colorful feathers
arouse amazement and admiration
I hold my watchful eye on them
fearing they can fast  fly away
eager of merrily hovering
in the fresh morning air
I don’t move
not to make noise
fearing they can fly fast away
They are still there
next to each other
friends since ever
enjoying the warm rays of the sun
among green leaves and
brightly colored flowers.
of a spring morning

@ Maria Miraglia
rights reserved


Light my soul
like a petal of a white rose
between the sky and sea
in the uncerain air
of the early morning
far from the world noises
Still sleeping are the birds
the sea is calm
silent the winds
and me freely hovering
while curious observe
the dim colors of dawn
Distant at the horizon
a boat solitary goes
like an old wanderer
while some lights
shyly peeking
through the dark mantle
of the night
draw immaginary scenaries
on the expanse of the blue
In the silence
a celestial tune
can now be heard
and me in the void
full of the immense
part of it feel to be

All rights reserved

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