Wednesday, June 1, 2016



Another friend entered my life
Insignificant it sounds
But it isn’t
Sharing all around

One to change the world
With their words and thoughts
A driplet erodes rocks
Idealist Im not

In this huge old world
7 billion strong
Perhaps comrades share thoughts
Defy me, call me wrong

Frosts woods are still deep
And miles are so long
Ill  take them step by step
Till I justify supposed wrongs.

The night envelops house
I see two faint lights
That stand between school and me
Some cold has lingered long

The sky a dark azure
Deeper than black ink
And snow remains on ground
The spring did start I think

The dogs are long asleep
They’re fed happy and warm
I hear not a faint bark
Nor do fear more storms

The quiet doth descend
Save tapping on these keys
But lonliness not bite
Its simply peace and ease

And so I end this night
With prayers call divine
And wish what’s best for all
In peace with him, sublime

I  miss my Palestine
Land of my dreams
Land of parents birth
Land ive long not seen

I entered it when child
When mom and dad were young
Time erased the memory
But picture in heart hung

Ive heard the tale of mountain
They say its called mahroon
That grows with olive branches
Alas I miss its  tune

I miss grandparents graveyard
That I have never seen
Perhaps we meet in heaven
Alas that is the dream

Id pray in old Aqsa
Where mom as child walked
And kiss the native people
Get to know them talk

The taste I still know it
In runs in blood zaitun
The pastures and the greens
Alas some lays in ruins

That picture is in heart
Although so far away
I pray for patience peace
oh for that day

I have the smallest problem
Perhaps you will aid me
Ive fallen for this doc
And her I didn’t see

She shares with me a fate
Her sister she is ill
And she calls me charming
Did my lord fulfill

The day I saw her pic
 She took my breath away
Ahead for me is patience
Wait to hold her oh that day.


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