Wednesday, June 1, 2016




My prayers may melt with the candles’ lips. They have to creep up so many hills. One day I will be swept being a drop of ink but I beg the world to live in peace. I have been talking to the running streams. I will go there to meet the moon’s beams. The sun will probably give me its kiss. Is there anything painted pink? My angels live there whom I used to meet. I have been saving my violin’s strings. When I go there they will probably sing. I would hate to spread my skin on a sin. I will never gift a friend with a pin. Everyone’s love is a water spring. Everyone’s dream is a bell to ring. I was born with an innocent scream. I will go there without dark mist. This life’s feast dances with the last leaf to let it sit on the sky’s knee. Being a drop of ink I can feed my script. The sky’s eyebrows are very thick. The sky keeps its mirrors on any sea.


Mountains! What do you memorize? These clouds are not shades over your crowns painted snow-white. Mountains! You know how to survive. Your eyelids are wrinkled with the longest lines. Your shoulders are spotted by many butterflies. Time presses its pedal to drive. Noah built his ark to wait for a rainbow to shine. What is a butterfly expecting during its short life? Mountains! What do you memorize? One dream finds a track for a passionate ride. Another dream has turned back to be a cloud's bride.


Happy birthday to you, every newborn day! Wait for a butterfly! It has something to say. I know your minutes will be in their haste. Happy birthday to you, every golden ray! Will a locked door let you in to stay? You know which key may be made of clay. What is this silver key forged in my brain? Hello, emerald bud! Happy birthday! Wait for a butterfly born to breathe during one day! See you soon, tender snowflake! You will let a snowdrop take your white face. There is something which lays nothingness on a puzzled glance. What makes these waves dance on their sapphire lake? The air wings draw their own way. Hello, air wings! You were born to play! Hello, my silver key! Have you shone like a golden ray? Happy birthday to you, every newborn day! Do wait for me! I have something to say.


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