Wednesday, June 1, 2016



Under the mount of foliage so thick nicely nested
Where dampness never reached in heavy downpour
An apt locale where sun peeped for a few moments
Lay undercover very many in yellowish thick shell

The queen so hungry and weary coiled the nest top
Would not move anyway to heavily guard
Twenty six of them delivered with much of pain
Ninety long days the wait to see them break out

The harshness of the weather posed a wait so dreadful
Kings and others interested paid many a visit to foil
Own king was not to be seen after the generous act
Waited the Queen alone to see the result so well crafted

Nature’s act the wait for ninety horrible and long
If only they started sneaking out that she could feed
All of them if left would imbalance the populace
That one or two would suffice to cater for the next

Arrived the day when the shells crackled one by one
Sumptuous nutritious meal for the impoverished queen
Spared one or two to sneak past into the dark
To search for new found pastures thick and green

The thick woods now so close to the fretful human
A single sight would send shivers down the spine
Both dared not see eye to eye for fear immense within
Stayed close for the humans have encroached their space

Habituated traveler the king traced her back after long
Queen so skiny and pale now had lost interest in him
But he was energized and wanted the ordeal all over again
For which the Queen resisted with left over life in her

The painful labor she went through still fresh in memory
Was not at all prepared to swing in motion
Not a word reached his ears neither did he see her plight
Coaxed, pushed her hard to reverberate the feel within

Enough is enough, she stood still and numb unappreciating
The moves now changed to anger and vengeance
Bit her hard, the nature so overpowering and mean
The venom quickly trickled for her to take the heavy roll

Breath stopped after finishing a deadly twist with him
Succumbed to injuries in and out, coil unfurled to stretch
The king so appeased prepared to take her completely in
Failed in the effort since she was too big to swallow
Commander and Poet Rajesh Nair

I visit you during the day in broad sunlight
Fluttering my wings , hold you tight
Extend my whip down, deep and wet
The sweetness makes me full and bright

Each color I adorn it on my wings
As remembrance offered in springs
Took some of you with me offered in disguise
To a destination of my choice through my limbs

I wait for you to bloom in the wild
So much care I take that you don’t bleed
Not a single petal would ever be withered
So much respect that we mutually shared

I for you and you for me we know better
You paint me all over to attract more
I hopped all over the place far and near
To extend the progeny of yours so dear

The essence of life we portray for the world
An attempt to make the garden so bold
Values do we share so nice to dissipate and hold
You look at me to learn more and behold
Commander and Poet Rajesh Nair

As the morning chill embraced
Weak and dim shone the light
Dew drops glistened to colours myriad
Light chased away darkness

Took a stroll down the wilderness
Creepers and climbers blocked  the path
Listened to the morning muse of the feathered
Amongst the hustle and bustle of the withered

Strewn stones gathered enough moss
Air moist and winds calm
Each step forward with utmost care
For bones much needed intact

Lone merriedly enjoyed the walk
Humming tunes long heard
Buzzing bees joined the orchestra
Winds clapped in appreciation

So much the nature around changed
My leisure halted with profound shock
Strained to see the water mill distant
Ruined but standing tall as monument

No longer the feathered mused
The orchestra ended abruptly
Steps paced in accelerated mode
Voice plummeted down the organ pipe

Gasped for air when winds blew stronger
Eyelids failed to close, heart echoed faster
Perspired so much that all pores opened
Mouth dried for saliva stopped secreting

Reached the mill engulfed in moss
Touched to sense reality, looked around to find none
Heard voices familiar and forgotten
Images flashed with glare and vision blocked

Moss started disappearing , mill retreading in time
Stone blocks started flight to the building
Roof once again got placed where they belong to
Doors and windows placed to fight intrusion

Mill sprung to life, water gushed out
The vacation had just begun for near and dear
The canines blowed their trumpets
Kids nude frolicked and bathed  in water

Huge fire place emitted smoke without stops
Warriors in groups armed set out with hip flasks
Women, beautified themselves in communion with nature
Kids, rolled and flung clay cakes all over

Pond was full with hyacinth and lilies all over
Small vegetable garden flourished with all sort
Few engaged in canvassing the landscape
Elder kids cricketed with full pomp and merry

Leader cock took the hens for a stroll
Pigs extended their snouts, blew the dust away
Birds uncaged took flights for picking grains
Beavers busy digging burrows for storage and shelter

My eyelids never closed for fear of losing images
Bottom wet having sat on the moss for long
Noises became fainter and ears hard strained
Goods train had just left not to be seen again

Water mill halted for never more
Pond dried up for water was scarce
The feathered left abode for grains were never seen
Bees buzzed for flowers were in paintings only

Near and dear settled differently for no common cause
Selfishness an uncontrollable epidemic
Wants and needs increased manifold for humans
Vacation was never to be disclosed with many

Tired and exhausted my eyelids closed
Journeyed back into reality
Succumbed to the fact that the present world
Does challenge many a wish !!!
Commander and Poet Rajesh Nair

How do I tell you lest you stop
The cacophony brutal to my deaf ears
Take a deep breath, as long as possible
That you change for a while to listen

Thunder and lightning stood still a moment
Dark clouds still hung over the horizon black
What next to arrive was already destined
Silence, at this moment was a deadly wish

When I try to make you understand the simplest way
You put words into my mouth in defiance
Makes it clear that you want to hear
Only those from my mouth your own thought

How ridiculous is it that you provoke the just
From uttering the truth, a lie for you
The commonest of action calls for justification
However long when tried to explain takes a twist

If both were one , so well decided by luck
Companion is what all long for within
To hear, say and respond alike being one
For marriages are made here when minds are united

No act , no deed so brutal have I committed yet
That you look at me from the corner of your eyes
Suspicion, doubt, the dangerous evil of all crimes
Frames the other convicted with baseless lies

Belief being the cornerstone of a rich family
When sacrificed drives in all chaotic scenes
Half heard is as good as not heard
Impatience and disbelief the epitome of destruction

Time between the thunder and the soothing rain
Was enough to narrate the little tale
Which normally your thoughts converts to epic with delusions
After all the peaceful mind listens when calm

I got it , why this happens here and elsewhere
The fear that you may lose if not held taut
This possessiveness so worthy that you own so much
Embrace it tight that you never lose in life or death

I knew it long back, since I know me
That everything I do, I do it for you
Every moment I spend with you is a dream come true
Now you know that you won’t be fooled around

Happiness is where belief and loyalty triumphs
Examples of estrangement still contagious
Derails the sojourn meant to be driven along
You know now, the root cause behind all

The rain now came in torrents of love
Where we both rejoiced together again
Waiting to welcome day after day so very different
To sing the different song each day with a new note.


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