Wednesday, June 1, 2016



My soul honours the soul in you
Where the entire universe resides
Its the beauty which is only possessed by few,
And that's how life decides.

The divine light is within us,
Which when we pray without any fuss,
Rekindles our soul and spirit,
And breaks the body into dust bit by bit.

This divine light which we should share,
And make all ignorant aware,
That at the end of life's road,
Our soul and spirit will rest in the heavenly abode.



Sleep inside my soul,
I'm tired of playing this double role.
The beast inside me sometime awakes,
A change in my character it makes.

It makes me do evil things,
To harm all living beings.
But then the angel in myself,
Comes forward to help.

It helps me regain the good traits,
Protect me to fall into baits.
Fights the beast away,
Keeps all devilish things at bay.

But then some people come up strong,
They take me always wrong.
Mistake my kindness as weakness,
Try to make my life a mess.

So when I pen down these lines,
I wanna say I'm fine.
As long as you don't challenge me,
I won't let my evil part for you to see.

Let the beast sleep inside my soul,
Till I reach my goal.
Of resting in peace,
Where my soul and body will be at ease.



The darkness of the night
With no one in sight.....
My heart craves for you
As the fierce winds blow through.
My black cascade flows along
I can hear a melancholy song,
Coming from heaven above,
Reminding me of our love.
The howling wolves too refrain,
From quarrelling in vain.
The eagles fly high,
In the dark night sky.
And there I sit alone
Cry aloud and sometimes moan.........
My heart yearns for your love
But in vain,coz your soul is resting above.
O,my love ,why did you desert me???
I just long to be with thee,
Cuddled in your arms as before,,,,,,,,,
When you were alive and I had only happiness in store.


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