Wednesday, June 1, 2016




No waves can throw out my love
Since the first appeared in my mind
Though there are so many handicap
I used to urge how poor i am
It is really true what is said
No one can measure how deep the love be there
Never be thrown away from my heart
It sounds like the ocean
And the rose is singing all night
That is the real dream which i visit in lives
Yet the love comes out for the sacrifice
I am not a coward to draw how beautiful the grass is to kiss
And my cheek is for its stem
Never be cut till to die
As long as he earth is not collapsed
Let them be smile
Let them not be crying without tear
Once upon a time i say i am the love
Once upon a time i say i am the love



This life is like a moonless night
If the self confidence is not consistent
For the lives is hard to run
Though the lighting is bright
Some say it is not a matter

And some say it will affect reputation
If it is so what would be a good lesson?
To keep the mouth is more better
If all of men will do so

So what makes it so?
Speaking should be a thought before doing
That be a gold to keep up
With no fighting
That be a hope for the next up



You are the love
Like the rose in lives
Never I throw it away from
But it is nice to taste
No bargain to do it
Since it is blooming
Wherever i go to smell
And to chew sometimes
My love never fades away
You are the rose
Oh, my rose
You are seen in the sparkling light
Never goes away from
I used to pick it up
Whenever i like
It is not a secret
You are the love
Oh, my rose
Never i throw it away from
Be kept in my heart from time to time
You might be put up with me
Not be separated in lives
Since my dream be a factual
I imagine till to die
Never be blackmailed
The lives is life and death
Be blooming up to the end
Though this world is broken into the dust
You are the love
Who gives smile to every moment
Never be forgotten till the breath goes away
So as the stars be witnesses



I merely call you as a mother
For you are a mother of my country
To cover all my sorrow when the sky is dark
I only remind myself
It is really imagined how difficult you are to look after me
9 months in your womb that i was in
You bring me everywhere to go all days and nights
Even you climb the mountain and walk on the street to valley
And cross the sea by ship

I only remind myself...
You are really a mother to gain love
Which never i forgot up to die
Wherever i go i use to remember you
You look like a tree with full of leaves and blooming
You are a mother of my soul
Who provides me lightning wherever i go to run the lives

You are really in my mind
And never i forgot till to die
Though the sea is dried that your name is in my soul
That your love never be put away from my heart
It is a really talk derived from my deep heart
Whereas the lighting is coming from your breath
And it makes the lives be bright for futurity
Never i forgot , never i forgot
Who you are in my heart since you the mother of mine
Never betrays me since i was born
Only to gain the love, only to gain the love
Let God be with you till your breath is not singing in the air


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