Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Irsa Ruçi

Irsa Ruçi

I decided not write no more lines
Till every tear of sadness goes dry
On my blind eyes of my country;
I thought to wait the fate of free hearts
That feed ideals like the poets the air,
With silence, in their own grace!

Damnation, poets are not that quiet,
The words that freeze on the storm of a rebellious heart
Are fee reflection of a nation.
Please, read!
Otherwise, you will be eternally read
Like the strangers of yourself, by the light-hiders with oblivion.

We cannot fall in the sleep of the indifference
When tomorrow is on the threshold
And we so far away.

For the earth I breathed for the first time
I have chosen to fight with poetry
Inside I found the future, like a muse!
© Irsa Ruçi

You created the words and you put silence over it
Eloquency turned in the music of the soul
Where only the noise of the sights…
And the longing
And the being’s absence
Which melted through lines in bohemia!

You are the silhouette of stars on earth
Made by cheating, like an antique clock
Remained somewhere in nostalgy
Without expecting the future with fireworks
And half – drunk;
…that simply
That time is composed by oblivion!
© Irsa Ruçi

In the rainy sheets I will remember my loneliness
The only never to leave my being;
The hasty steps of the passengers will show me the momentum of time
Or maybe this illusion that comes as a mirage
That blows the bubble in a touch.

The rain will wet every frail thought;
Unconditioned reflexes will spur curiosity
To fill the cold in muscles
Like my heart feels a grip.

Like an old compass I am left without an address
And the walls of this city look like ghosts to me
I shout and scream hopelessly
How complicated this legend has been
I am not, but I want to be in my being
Because just like I am, I convince myself
I shouldn’t be in my non-existence.

The only thing I know is that my steps weigh in this earth
Like the rain on the night
The reason will oblige loneliness talk,
What secrets is holding inside…?!

Irsa Ruçi

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