Friday, July 1, 2016




It’s been a while since I feel sounds as music of soul
In time you appear like mist, echo, lyric, departing
From time I protect you as a relic, reminding in silence
You are the breaths which come from the eternal time!

Thoughts hiding from me are lost in dreams
When pieces of my sleep fall into your eyelids,
This world is created from unwritten lines
Left as a hostage in the verge of longing…

There where light and darkness are joined by the hope
When life turns in pieces of flashes
Where often we forget about tomorrow,
There where evenings are measured with prayers
And morning with heart…
There it is you, like dew losing in down.

It’s been a while that I leave my soul free as air
In breeze I turned even the breeze
When I began creating you out of absence
I lost time…


We create history through the fairytales
In ancient tales kept alive from inherited passions
Like children’s awe.

We grew with events, playing we discovered the world
To others we learned words how to knit legends
Closed our eyes and opened our hearts
There was life,
We were in that corner of earth were the sun
Shines always hope…

Memory is like a mirror
Looks itself with the soul and breathes into wishes;
You were created to give light
Behind of you stands the shadow in west
Ahead it is you with infinity…

Out of time, beyond reason,
In complete lost
Kneeled in humble
To those who sculpted
A letter more in our fate
Gave us the future, the tongue to knit love
We vomited hatred, violated the word till mental wreck
As much as today we speak any language besides ours.

History is a lesson, we obedient students
Raised in knowledge
Let’s leave some pride to the generations to come!


I knew my grandparents by how they cultivated their land
In their form of fingers interrelating
While the line of life
Had to start in the east

They wake up with the crown of sun every morning.

As a borderline between what belonged to them
And the indifference for what did not
Were the graceful oak trees
Equal with the age’s roughness
That just to bother
Threw its shade in the neighbour’s garden
Who my grandpa always mentioned
With a little envy
Because his trees gave more fruits.

The adour of sail while it was cultivated
I remember it even today… reminds me of childhood
Generations are raised by memories!

Ah, I haven’t forgotten the offenses of my grandparents
Their silent curses for those who stole a little grape across
The street (never in their proud touched).

Now, that I tread that earth with a bunch of dreams in my hands
I feel that in it there’s again essence
That time wouldn’t fade away!
Everything has died because of the winter cold
But the amaryllis of the earth inherited a spring that will ever cherish…

(Translated by Silva Daci)

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  1. Thank you Irsa for submitting your beautiful and inspiring poetry to Our Poetry Archive; your work is appreciated.