Friday, July 1, 2016




I've been stuck
in a tunnel for seven days
Looking for a glimpse
of sunshine
or a feeling that once was
If only I could replace
lethargy with lucky
I'd be one step closer
to my favorite destination

The more I travel
the more I lose touch
with who I was
where I was going
and what I've become

Reluctantly working
for my own independence
this is a fateful choice
I would never voluntarily

Here I stagger
as I attempt
to get straight
in every crooked path
or faithless thought
my self inflicted struggle
Crawling like the parasites
who capitalize off others
until they reached their peek

I'll get back to the top
if I have to construct
my own ladder


It's an ambiguous life
of ambition
I simply can't make up my mind
Should I sharpen
the blades in the kitchen
Or take a solitary walk
across the Smithfield
Street Bridge

Up above
looking down
into the water
my spirits are low
but I'm still up here
It's a lengthy leap
to swim with the fishes
I could call it quits
and not die alone

Instead I cross the tracks
at the railroad station
It's a shortcut that leads back
to the same way of living
Juggling pill bottles
as I confirm my decision
Gathering rope
in case I feel like swinging
One bullet short
of canceling my membership

I've felt plenty
of things
in this lifetime
All that's left
is to express
how those things
have made me feel


I've seen the signs
Read between the lines
Made my purchase
The lines ceased to be

Happiness manifested
I watched the signs
glow and blur as I
climbed the ladder
to where I once was


I'm on top
of the situation
looking down
on the upside
Hijacking these
lazy endorphins
forcing them to
work a double
Setting myself up for
a significant moment
Signing away my release



  1. Another amazing work of pure self-expressed thought provoking poetry Michael! Thank you for your continued commitment to Our Poetry Archive.