Friday, July 1, 2016


Rebecca Villanueva


The night is starless
The moon hides her face
How come they are not where they're
Suppose to be tonight
The cold night sliced my heart
Like a sharp and cold steel that sears
The solitude is creeping unnoticed
In every crevice and chamber
Of a yearning heart
Oh emptiness!
How you occupy everything
Filling those gaping wounds
In the stillness
Of the starless and moonless
Cold cold night
Where I love you
Yes, where I long for you
Yes, where I love you

RmvR 170516
Copyright 2016 Rebecca Villanueva


My poetry came to me
Like those floating clouds
Of rainbow pills that made one high
It nurtured me
And taught me how to fly
It leads me to the oasis
Of freedom to express myself and
Purged me of the excess baggage
I carried all the time

My poetry come like a rainbow pill
That let me fly
Watching from there
Some distraught souls that combat
Their daily scars which bleeds still
When unconsciously touched
Oh, yes!

Flower with words my poem
My rainbow pill
Break the silence with a sigh
Of rainbow colored words
And speak to me in the stillness
Of those naked nights
While making love with words
Where semens of ideas
Swim in an orgasms of writings
Giving birth to poetry soaked
With fallacies or truths
That will be revealed with time

When truths or fallacies are found
Living in the birth of my writings
When it found echo in each
And everyone's mind
Let not sorrow cloud your heart
Let the rainbow cradles you
And be lost fir a while

My poetry,  my poem my rainbow pill
You always come to me in the
Silence and stillness
Of my naked nights

RmvR 040516
Copyright 2016 Rebecca Villanueva

The earth quivers like drunken waves
Finding its way to the shore

In your arms
Dead leaves fly in frenzy
Higher and higher
Then lay gently
Upon the burning earth

The buds of flower
Starts to open
Hungry to receive kisses
In your arms

And as you play like
The gods of love in mt Olympus
The mountain climbs the earth
While it lay down
In total surrender

And I watch you
Close your eyes in ecstasy
And fly away with your thoughts
Taking me with you
In the realm
So free like the wind
Even with your defeat
In my arms!

RmvR 050516
Copyright 2016


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